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Before I waste another half of a page, here is Session two.

Man's Best Friend or Puppy Love

Session Two

I awoke rather abruptly, as the truck came to a rather squeaky halt, and one extremely cold, wet nose was rather violently thrust into my ear. I let out a yelp and back-tracked until my back was firmly pressed against the truck cabin. I heard my dad laughing- he must've watched through his rear-view mirror and known it was going to happen. Jerk.

Shader was staring at me rather unamusedly, before abruptly jumping over the side of the truck bed, onto the front lawn.

"Oh crap! DAD!" I was already climbing out of the truck bed after him, as my father scrambled out of the cabin.

"What??" He shouted, completely disregarding the fact that it was probably close to, if not after midnight.

"He got out of the… truck…" I trailed off as the wet-nosed monstrosity sat calmly on the front porch, watching me, tilting his head to the side.

My father groaned and muttered a few choice words about 'false alarms' and something about teenagers that I didn't quite here, but ticked me off just the same.

I slowly moved up towards Shader, pausing as he moved to his feet, ready to run. I took a deep breath and began an even slower approach, but the minute my foot moved forward, he tensed and took a small step sideways.

I lunged for his leash and he moved back into his previous spot just in time for me to collide with his chest. We both yelped, but I grabbed onto his leash as we fell onto the concrete porch. I scrambled back to my feet and stared down with mild anger, the damn dog had pulled a fake-out!

He shot me an 'are you done yet?' look before moving to his feet and shaking his head. My grip tightened on the leash as I tried to refrain from committing an act of animal cruelty, and I knocked on the front door.

Our house was a typical cookie-cutter home, two usable floors, a basement, and an attic that had been converted into my father's den. The house had three declared bedrooms, an office that had been converted into a bedroom, and the majority of the basement was used as a guest room.

The only thing that set our home apart from any others on the street, was that our front lawn was virtually uncared for- it was mowed once a week yes, but it was never weeded, watered or fertilized, leaving it a sickly mucus-green color in the spots that weren't simply brown. Dad didn't have the energy, my sisters didn't have the time and I was responsibly for the brown-spots dotting our lawn- apparently I had been gifted with the 'black thumb of certain horticultural death'.

The door opened, revealing the elder of the 'tweedle twins', my second-oldest sister, Robin. She was already in her pajamas- a thin, pale blue cotton t-shirt, and a pair of superman boxers- the origin of which I never really wanted to know. She grinned down at me, ruffling my hair, before looking at the mass of flaxen fur at my side and letting out a blood-curdling, screeching exclamation of joy.

I could've sworn I felt blood pooling in my ear canals as she immediately hugged Shader, the dark blond ringlets, that she spent an hour hand-crafting every morning, bouncing with the movement.

Shader didn't seem to mind the attention of my sister until she started cooing to him in the same gaga voice my father had used earlier. "Who's a pretty puppy? Oh you're so big! What kind of puppy are you? What's your name, hmm pretty puppy?"

Shader's ears were flat against his head and I smiled faintly, enjoying my brief moment of revenge, before opting to spare him. "Hey, Robi, his name is Shader, and as a mammal, he has need of oxygen… which you're currently depriving him of…"

She blinked her baby-blue eyes at me, pouting faintly before letting go. As soon as she took a step towards me, most likely to give the same form of suffocation otherwise known as a hug, I held out the end of the leash towards her, like a peace offering, or more appropriately, a shield.

As soon as she took it with a questioning look on her face, I slipped around her and inside, kicking off my tennis shoes and heading down the hall towards the kitchen. If I could just make it to the kitchen, I could snag a piece of fruit then escape up to my room via the back stairs.

Unfortunately my attempt was foiled by the arrival of my other two older sisters, Molly, the first to have crawled out of the estrogen sea, and the younger half of the Tweedle set, Kara.

While Kara effectively blocked my way, her arms spread wide for a hug, Molly slipped her arms around my waist and hauled me about half a foot off the ground, putting enough pressure on my diaphragm to effectively render me breathless.

I probably would have started flailing my legs, had I lacked the decency to care whether I hurt my sister's shins or not. But, because that shred of decency was there, I was forced to suffer the fate of suffocation via a 'sister sandwich'- crushed between Molly and Kara, with Robin's squealing laughter in the background.

I heard the muffled sounds of Molly and Kara talking- merely hearing whatever reverberated through their chests, and I could vaguely make out Robin's voice, which was rapidly becoming less audible as the sound of static took over my ears. My vision suddenly began to dim, my chest burning as I struggled to breathe…

And I realized I was suffocating.

Fortunately, my sisters noticed as well and immediately backed away to give me room. I think they were laughing as they apologized to me, and attempted to express regret at nearly causing my untimely demise, but as it was naught but muted humming in my ears, I simply trudged into the kitchen and collapsed on one of the chairs.

I was only vaguely aware of my sisters herding the dog downstairs for what I assume was a bath, because just short of half an hour later, a wet nose was pressed against my forehead, and when I looked at the oversized mutt, the rest of him seemed thoroughly soaked as well. I groaned and sat up- my head had been resting on my arms, supported by my knees, but I had stayed like that for so long that my back hurt when I righted myself. As if to mock me and my pain, Shader had the stones to go and shake right then, sending water all over me and the rest of the kitchen.

With a startled and indignant shriek, I jumped to my feet, just as three pairs of feet came thundering up the basement stairs. Thankfully I was ignored by my sisters, who proceeded to chase the sopping wet animal around the rest of the house.

I skirted up the back stairs, and was heading to my room when I heard my father raise his voice. I winced and made an abrupt detour into the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. Locking the door I stripped off my clothes and flung them onto the hamper- not really caring if they made it in or not, before hopping into the shower and letting out a blood-curdling scream as icy water hit my skin.

Throughout the shower, brushing my teeth and redressing process, I thought of different, horrible, and often deadly diseases to wish upon my sisters.

I only paused in my morbid musings in order to check my email, and subsequently find nothing of interest. My rather heinous train of thought was derailed further as I crawled into bed and settled down.

It was well passed four in the morning when my sisters, followed by my father, chased the now dry dog upstairs and into my room. I had managed to get my eyes half-open before the full weight of the animal descended onto my mid-section, as it jumped onto my bed.

"Jeez Kara, look what you did!" Molly scolded, though I could hear a smirk in her voice.

"Yeah Kara, look what you did" Robin sang, grinning as well.

"Oh shut up." Kara hissed, obviously embarrassed. "Sorry, Annie…Are you okay?" She 'shoo'ed Shader off of me before sitting down next to me and stroking my hair.

"Yeah, peachy." I croaked sarcastically, groaning as the damn dog curled up on the bed next to me.

"Okay…Sorry again…" Kara smiled sheepishly before getting up and heading for the door, not even looking back as she wished me a 'good night'.

"Nn.." I mumbled a response, only to have the other two start up.

"Good night, Annie" Molly sang, not moving from her spot.

"Good night, Molly. Good night, Robi." I called, already closing my eyes, tiredly waving them away.

"Sweet sleep, Annie!" Robin cooed.

"Mhm.." I rolled over so that my back was facing them.

"Yeah, sweet dreams, Annie…" Molly continued.

"Or better yet, wet dreams" Robin giggled.

"Alright. That's quite enough, you two. I don't want to hear anything about 'wet dreams' from either of you, got it?" My dad cut in.

"Fine." Robin sighed.

"Sure thing, Dad." Molly chirped.

"Good, now, off to bed- let your sister sleep.." He scolded softly, and as the sound of my sister's footsteps receded, I knew they had left.

However my father entered the room and placed a kiss on the side of my head. "Good night, Annie." He spoke quietly, and I could hear a soft smile in his voice.

"…'Night…" I replied tiredly, and as I heard his heavy footsteps move towards the door, I called out, "Dad?"

He stopped, "Yes?"

I sighed and just as I was slipping off to sleep, I was vaguely aware of asking, "…Whats a horrible, and possibly deadly disease that begins with 'X'?"

- - - -

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