Red Evil


well this is a new story. im just bringing you into the world of Red Evil. i hope you like it, please R&R.

The Present date is 2010, winter. In a world outside of law and reason. Beyond a humans imagination. Creatures of the Outer Realm. Portals on earth, rituals to open the gate way. An organization called, Menix, that was made to prevents the Creatures from crossing over for centuries.

Reapers, sent to seek out the Shape Shifters that manage to cross over undetected. Reapers are deep within Menix. Bloodlines of Reapers reach as far as the Thirteen Century. You must be born a son of Reaper to become a Reaper. Those that learn of the secrets of this world and who do not become insane are brought into Menix and are trained as Reapers. Equipped with the most top of the line weapons, armor and devices. Few are of the old ways of the traditional sword and shield. Wearing the old chain mail and plate armor of those in their ancestors. Some possession enchanted armor that allows them to cross over. Any Reaper that is worthy enough to cross over to the Outer Realm. He after that his armor morphes and is granted special unholy energy. Some use their keep their vows and continue to fight for Menix, others are corrupt with power. Those are now Serpents, assisting the Kaoers.

The Keys, are used to open the gates between the Other Realm. The Keys are very powerful physics, with power of sight. The Keys know where the portals are. Menix provides the Reapers and Keys their missions and equipment they need for the task they are given. Menix hunt and train Keys to their full potential. The ratio with Keys being born are six out of ten. But most lose their powers if not shown how to use. The Keys purpose is to find Portals and close them before any Mechanites or Nechanites make it through. But no human ventures into the Outer Realm, for no one could. Only great powerful Keys have that ability to.

Much older, powerful Keys called, Prophets in the Council of Elders. They predicted a special, powerful Key that escaped their grasp. The One Key would cast away the Creatures of the Outer Realm and seal the portals completely. Hence, bring balance to the Earth or bring Hell on Earth.

Rituals passed down from generation to generations. Every Key and Reaper, holy warriors against the growing darkness. They go through holy rituals to strengthen their spiritual and holy energy to help them fight the growing evil. No man that is weak of faith can handle the many horrific images these Reapers and Keys see in their life time.

To those that have crossed over and seen the Outer Realm for themselves. Their personal description of the Outer Realm: Holy temples and churches, homes and cities all in ruins, fields of dead from past wars, danger and death laying in every shadow and corner, . In other words......Hell.

Mechanites are of the Outer Realm, the Foot soldiers of the Outer Realm. Capable changing form into anything or anyone. Seven feet golems. Razor sharp teeth and claws. Skin of rock. Stronger than anything, holding enormous power. Their real form would drive any normal human insane. Ruthless and bent on destruction.

Nechanites, Are far more worse than their more primitive counter-part. Fifteen feet tall golems. Mechanites are half their size. Almost invincible. Very similar to the Mechanites, but far more deadly.

There are still alot more unidentified creatures that dwell within the Outer Realm. Others far more worse and blood thirsty but are un-capable to cross over.

There are Kaoers, able to summon and control the Mechanites and Nechanites. The Kaoers, human has they are, are dark Keys. Divided and weak but threaten Earth if not taken care of. Able to open Portals.

For centuries Menix kept the evil at bay, keeping it balanced. A conspiracy in the high offices of Menix. Menix has ordered a wide full scale attack and extermination for the Serpents and Kaoers. Keys are disappearing one by one. A great number of Reapers died, leaving a few survivors..A New type of Mechanite are appearing, much harder to identify. Kaoers growing far more stronger making them capable of brings other creatures of the Outer Realm to Earth. A discovery of a third realm. But only one special Key knows the location of its portal and the only one that can open it. Inside is the answer to the Outer Realm.

A few Reapers live but are injured, lost and divided. Most were captured. One Reaper of a great ancestor and superior rank escaped unharmed, Mitchell Keaugar. Keaugar founds out he has lost brother from his Uncle in the Council of Elders. So he seeks him out. His uncle also has him seek out a girl. This is where the story begins.