Author's Notes: Ahem…welcome to my attempt at a "normal" story. Actually, this started out as a sorta…bet. Meaning "Hey Rina, can you actually write a novella with more meaning than angst rape and the like?" and my response "Hell yes!"

So we have Transparent Paranoia…A normal high school story with meaning. But sadly I can't write a story without angst. And I can't do angst without rape so…er…sorry. But that shall come in later. Meanwhile this story does in fact have a meaning even though it's at the end…hee-hee but it's funny.

Btw Cill is Pronounced Sill as in a window sill. :) Oh and don't let him offend you…his thoughts are totally different from mine…I luff Asians.


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-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

One: When a Rainbow hits you straight in the face…you duck and cover

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

Cill sat quietly in his regular boring Geometry class tapping his fingers in rhythm with a random drum solo in a random song by a random rock band while trying to figure out why Asians had such annoying personalities. The topic had flooded into his mind while his annoying Asian teacher blabbed on about how to complete some proof on some triangle thing.

"There no ass in triangle proof." Mr. Nguyen explained in his Vietnamese accent. "There only ass in HL theorem."

Will he stop saying ass? Cill thought angrily. Stupid asian…

Cill was a short boy of 16 years. His sloppy dark brown hair was grown out long and sometimes covered his strange blue, almost gray, eyes giving him the typical "Emo" look. Well, one could say Cill was Emo considering he hung out with some Emo people but mostly punkers…but Cill wasn't Emo. Cill was Cill.

"Seal? You tell me how do thi' proof." Mr. Nguyen told Cill, holding out the blue smartboard pen.

Cill glared at him. It's Cill you jackass mother fucking asian math teacher. Everyone always screwed up his name. Some called him Seal and others Kill. Either he was an animal or suicidal…People were idiots sometimes.

"I wanna do it Mr. Nguyen!" a girl shouted out suddenly jumping up so that her short skirt flew up to reveal an uninvited sight to Cill's eyes.

Saved by the slut. Cill thought. It was his fault for choosing 0 period math. No one was in this class save for 3 people. It was absolutely insane. He didn't even know there was 0 period math…it was a stupid idea. But at least he didn't have to take 6th period. Well he did but that was percussion class and the band teacher who taught that class always called it off until the beginning of winter. So he was okay for now with 6th.

"See Mr. Nguyen! There's only ass in the HL theorem!" the girl declared happily.

Cill rolled his eyes. Today was fucked up…he had English 1st period and they were writing an in-class essay about yet another fucked-up Shakespeare play…His day couldn't get worse.

Well it could…I could fall in the river next to my invisible house in the country and drown and no one will ever find me. Then one day I'd float up to some hillbilly's front doorstep and the hillbilly will gather all his fucked-up family members and do some magic shit and bring me back to life. Then I'd live with the hillbillies and do hillbilly things and then eventually commit suicide. Then people will have a reason to call me Kill.

And at times Cill seemed to think a bit too much than was needed.

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

I hate essays. Cill glared at his half done paper then glanced at the wall clock. He was almost through the period! He sighed in contentment.

The door opened and, as on instinct, all heads turned. Someone walked in, a girl, Cill guessed, and walked over to Mr. Rod's desk.

She's gorgeous. That was Cill's first thought as she walked past him. She was a bit tall yet seemed shorter than him and was extremely thin. Her black layered hair flowed nicely to her chin where it flipped in and her black lined eyes were beautiful dark orange, Cill's favorite color. She was dressed in short black shorts over bright pink leggings that came down to her knees and on her feet were messy black high top converse with neon sharpie writing all over it. She seemed flat-chested under the pink shirt with a torn black on top of it but most of her chest was covered by the black jacket with tons of band patches sewed on.

She handed Mr. Rod a pink slip. "Hm…Kelsi Neuvil?" he looked at the girl and she nodded. "You may sit in any open seats in the back."

Kelsi nodded and went to the back to find an empty seat.

Mr. Rod looked at the clock. "Now people, you have 10 minutes to finish your essay and turn it in so I will not have to give you a bad grade. That's right Spikeman."

A girl in the front of the room next to Cill snickered. "You love me RodRod!"

Rod rolled his eyes and returned to his work.

I'm gonna fail… Cill thought. But that chick's hot…one more hour 'till break. He smiled and rubbed his hands together evilly.

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

Cill smirked happily as the bell rang for break. He slid out of his seat and said goodbye to his favorite teacher, Mr. Bird, and headed to the punk block.

The school was basically divided into literal blocks that people could sit on. There was the black block, where all the black gangsta homies hung out, the Mexican block, where all the cholos and soccer players and "beaners" sat with their bean burritos or whatever they did that Cill never cared about, the band blocks where the bandos and basic geeks hung out with their books and music, the Senior block where all the Seniors sat surrounded by preps, and finally the punk/Emo block, self-explanatory.

Cill spotted his best friend Lawryn, and smiled. Lawryn was a tall punker boy who had a blonde Mohawk with red highlights that was only spiked up on special occasions. Translated: Lawryn was too lazy to buy gel. He was dressed in tight torn black and red plaid bucklely pants with many strange patches to hide the holes and a band tee with the one article of clothing he could never go without. His Iron Maiden zip-up hoodie. It was his baby…and it was warm and comfortable.

"Hey Cill!" Lawryn spotted Cill and waved.

Cill smiled and waved back, walking over to his friend. He leaned against the punk block which was set up higher than the rest of the blocks so one could his/her back against it. "Have you seen the new girl?"

"Yeah, fucking sexy little thing dontcha think?" Lawryn replied. He glanced toward Kelsi who was talking to a group of punker girls. "What's her name?"

"Chelsea? Something like that. She's in my English class." Cill shrugged.

Lawryn smirked. "Let's go bother Issell." Of course all he wanted to do was hit on the new kid even though he had a girlfriend. An evil one at that.

Cill snorted. "Issell's obsessed with me. Do we have to?" he muttered.

"Issell's talking to the new girl." He replied simply, beginning to walk to the group of girls which consisted of Issell, the cute red-haired girl with short flipped in hair and brown eyes, Marcia, Lawryn's evil girlfriend who always wore short skirts even in 0 degree weather and had the longest brown hair and freaky blue eyes, Sera, a blonde with black highlights who always preferred to go barefoot when the VP wasn't around, Karin, a slut with skimpy pink and green clothes and short pink and orange hair, and of course, the reason for their vague interest in the girly group, Kelsi.

"Hey girls." Lawryn smiled.

The group ignored him and continued to talk like…a bunch of girls.

"Omigosh! Really? Florida?" Karin screamed. "All hot guys are from Florida!"

Kelsi scratched her head smiling.

Cill blinked. She was awfully annoyingly adorable.

"I guess that's a compliment." Kelsi said.

"Hell yes! Omigosh you are so hot!" Karin squeaked.

Sera blinked. "Is the VP around?" she asked trying to hide her naked black painted toes.

No one paid attention to her and meanwhile Lawryn and Cill stared Karin down.

"Since when has she gone lesbo?" Lawryn muttered to Cill.

Cill shrugged. "I dunno."

Issell rolled her eyes at Karin. "So Kelsi, what brings you to Cali? I thought Florida is a nice place. Minus the hurricanes."

"My brother lives here and my parents don't want me living there anymore." Kelsi shrugged. "Thankfully he's fucking rich so I'm okay." She smiled.

"Who wouldn't want you? You're so cool! And Sexy!" Karin said jumping in front of Issel.

Issell pushed her away. "Move!" she hissed.

"Oh, they caught me making out with a guy." Kelsi shrugged.

Everyone blinked.

"What are your parents? The Virgin Mary and Jesus?" Lawryn asked in disbelief.

"Well…" Kelsi said. "My parents don't really approve of gay people. That's why they threw my brother out here in the first place. But don't get me wrong. They're still my parents and they still visit every year or so."

"Gay?! That's so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Karin squealed.

It was then that Cill noticed that Kelsi was indeed not Chelsea. He slapped himself mentally, noticing the crazily flat chest, the less feminine facial features, the large bulge in the short tight shorts he failed to notice before.

"Lawr. She's a dude. She's a guy." Cill muttered quietly.

Lawryn blinked. "I'm gay."

"No your not." Cill replied. "Bi is the correct term."

"I'm Bi…" Lawryn repeated. "Let's just slowly walk away."

Cill nodded and they both slowly walked backwards. Once they were out of view, they turned around. They noticed the Emo boys and the punker guys arguing.

"Not Steve again." Lawryn groaned.

At the front of the Emo group was a nerdy Emo boy with Emo glassed and curly hair and behind him, on the floor, was another Emo boy curled up in a sad ball, staring up at the curly haired boy that was obviously defending him. The boy's hair was dyed black but the roots at the top of his head were his natural blonde color. His hair came gently over his eyes and flipped out at the ends on top of his shoulders. His eyes were a scary bright emerald green and were wide in something that seemed like fright.

"I told you nerd boy, keep little Stevie off our turf and we won't kick his little white ass." A tall dark Mexican punker boy hissed.

Cill sighed. "Fren can be such a total ass sometimes."

Lawryn shrugged. "I told him to leave Steve alone." He muttered.

"We don't let FAGS hang here." Fren hissed angrily.

Lawryn frowned. "FREN!"

Fren turned around.

Lawryn walked toward the two groups followed by Cill. "What the fuck? Didn't I fucking tell you to leave Steve alone? He doesn't wanna hang with shit like you. He hangs with me and Cill."

"He's a fag Lawryn! Come on!" Fren whined.

"I'll fucking rip your ass out and paste it on the wall in the upper commons if you fucking say that again." Lawryn hissed angrily.

Fren jumped back. "Okay okay, I'll leave him alone!"

Cill smiled. Lawryn was real good at scaring people shitless.

"I'll take your word on that." Lawryn said seriously. "Now fuck off."

Fren snorted and walked away with his group of followers.

Lawryn watched him walk away then turned to help Steve up. "You okay?" he asked.

Steve nodded. "Thanks Lawryn."

Lawryn smiled. "No problem. They're all assholes. They don't know what they're adding to." He frowned.

Steve attempted a smile. "It's okay…"

Cill smiled. Lawryn and Steve had known each other since they were kids. They were always great friends, Lawryn, Steve and Cill. But they found new friends, different groups and they slowly grew apart. But they reattached in High school when assholes like Fren started picking on Steve. Lawryn got so mad so quickly when it came to his friends. Especially with Steve and the fag thing. But maybe it was a good thing Lawryn reacted so quickly.

The bell rang and Cill frowned. So much for his long-awaited break.

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

Steve sat in his isolated desk in the almost empty Art room. He hated this class. Of course he loved Art, last year. But then the new teacher came and she obviously had no idea about teaching art let alone advanced art…but the class was sort of bearable. At least no one talked to him unless they needed to. It was better and peaceful that way.

"Okay class! Today is an easy day!" Ms. Jaci declared smiling brightly. "I will pair you up with someone and you will research them and then draw a stick figure that represents their every aspect."

Steve raised an eyebrow. What was this lady on?

"Okay, You and you, brunette girl and blondie, short boy and short girl, you and you, and…black haired boy and the new boy." She smiled at Steve.

Steve turned around to see the new boy he hadn't noticed before. The boy stood up and came to sit next to him. "Is it always this bad?" he asked.

"Yep." Steve nodded.

"Stick figures?" Kelsi asked raising an eyebrow.

"I strongly believe she's insane." Steve nodded.

Kelsi laughed. "I'm Kelsi."


They shook hands and waited for Ms. Jaci to pass out the papers. "But listen! You don't just have to draw stick figures! You must also research their objects of interest and draw them realistically! This will be on a poster-sized paper! Your partner's objects of interest and hobbies must surround the figure that represents your partner. Be creative."

Steve raised an eyebrow. Great. At least he got to draw something realistically.

"This will be due at the end of the week. You have this to do in class as well so make it perfect and colored." Ms. Jaci smiled. "GO!"

"Riiiiiight." Steve murmured. He looked at Kelsi who looked ecstatic.

"This is stupid and fun at the same time! How incredibly creative!" he said pulling out his pen and writing his name on top of the paper. "Right, so you tell me abut yourself or should I tell you?"

"You go first." Steve replied. He hated going first, then he didn't know what to say.

"Alright!" Kelsi took a deep breath. "But first I need to find out. Are you a hater or are you open minded?"

"I hate haters." Steve muttered. "I have to deal with them all day. Don't worry, I'm perfectly open minded."

"Well you see, I'm from Florida. Got kicked to here cause I'm gay." Kelsi shrugged. "Not a big deal though cause that's what happened to my brother. My parents are trying to make another baby so they can teach it the anti-gay way."

"Wow. That's one thing we have in common." Steve said.

"How so?" Kelsi asked turning his desk so he could face Steve without turning his head in impossible directions.

"I'm gay and the world's an ass to me." Steve replied. "There's only one thing I like about living…okay maybe two. Or three. But that's about it."

"Well, don't go all suicidal on me before you explain." Kelsi smiled.

"Well that's it. I can't. The only people who know are the one who's doing it and the one who's helping me go through it." Steve replied. His tone was pained and made Kelsi not want to pry any more.

"You don't have to tell me." Kelsi said quietly.

"Maybe later I will." Steve replied. "So what are your hobbies?"

"Hm…eating, sleeping, pulling pranks, laughing at stupid people and of course painting." Kelsi said happily. "And being hyper too."

Steve smiled. "Wow."

"Your hobbies?" Kelsi asked.

"Going out." Steve shrugged. "I don't like staying home."

"Where do you go?" Kelsi asked starting to write things down on the paper.

"The mall. Movies. Starbucks. Borders. Anywhere." Steve replied. "Are you writing this down?"

"Yup." Kelsi nodded not looking up. "Your um…" he looked at the board to recall the assignment. "Object of interest?"

Steve blushed slightly. "Not really an object."

Kelsi smirked. "A person then?"

Steve scratched his head and nodded.

"OOOOO! I wanna know!" Kelsi kept the pen poised on the paper and looked up anxiously at Steve.

"Um…Lawryn." He murmured looking down at his nails. Ew! Nasty dirt in my beautiful nails. Must clean!

"Lauren? I thought you were gay! You disappoint me." Kelsi glared at him.

"Lawryn's a guy. L-A-W-R-Y-N. I've known him since I was a kid and he's the only person I feel safe around." Steve replied.

"Oh. What does he look like?" Kelsi asked scribbling the name on the paper and waiting for the description.

"I can't really describe the indescribable." Steve shrugged.

"Ah." Kelsi nodded. "Then you must point him out to me so that he may be described by me to me."

Steve raised an eyebrow. "Whatever you say."

"Meet me…at the punkemo block at lunch and we shall go on the voyage of the indescribable!" Kelsi exclaimed in a dark foresty voice.

"Punkemo?" Steve asked.

"Punk/Emo. I have given it a name that is…describable unlike your Lawryn." Kelsi nodded. "It is wonderful."

Steve laughed. "Wow. I think you may actually be worthy of meeting Lawryn face to face and maybe stick around and hang with us. If you can stand Cill that is."

"Who is this Cill you speak of?" Kelsi asked pulling his pen out again.

"He's the unsociable dork I call my friend. He's Lawryn's best friend actually. He seems to think the world revolves around hate. He acts like he hates everyone and everything. It's rather funny actually." Steve replied. "But he has a personality hidden somewhere in there."

Kelsi laughed. "He sounds interesting."

"Extremely. But I think he hates you too." Steve smiled.

"Can't wait to meet him." Kelsi rubbed his hands together evilly. "Give his a taste of my Kelsi-unhater magic!"

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

"And then the stupid bitch kicks me out of class just because I pushed the asshole off my desk." Cill explained. "God I hate her."

Lawryn laughed. "Don't we all."

The two boys were standing in the lunch line. More precisely, the lunch crowd since all you had to do was go up to the front and stick your money out and yell out your order of taco bell burritos. At least that's what Cill always did.

"Shit we're almost there! Stick your hand in there!" Lawryn called out to Cill from behind.

Cill looked back at him and raised an eyebrow. "Ya Nasty." He muttered.

Lawryn snickered as Cill stuck his hand in the lunch line.

"Two taco bell burritos! And give me a lot of sauce!"

The lady gave a smug look and got his order and took his money. She slapped on a bunch of taco bell sauce packets and Cill took them all gratefully.

Once they were back at the Punk/Emo block Cill sat on the floor and spread out all the Taco Bell sauce packets. "Have that one, that one, shit, I have all of these!" he muttered looking over the words on the sauce packets. "I like this one the best." He smirked and showed Lawryn.

The words on the sauce packet said "I M A HOT T R U 2?"

You see a problem with Cill was that he was weird. So incredibly so. Because only weirdos collect and are obsessed with Taco Bell sauce packets. So, in theory, Cill was a weird antisocial hater with nice hair and pretty eyes. Yup.

Lawryn rolled his eyes. "You need help." He muttered.

But Cill wasn't listening. He was too busy opening his burrito and pouring sauce in it. He rubbed his hands together and took a bite. "This shit is good."

"Hey guys."

Lawryn turned and Cill blinked. There stood Steve with a smile on his face and the new Kid. Chelsea. Kelsi.

Cill coughed. "Oh God I think I choked on some sauce!"

"I told you not to put too much you dope." Lawryn rolled his eyes. "Hey Steve, um…Kelsi. Sit down."

The two obliged and Kelsi looked around. What could he say? Steve had great taste in guys…and friends at that. Even the idiot with the bean burrito was hot.

"Kelsi, this is Lawryn and Cill." Steve introduced them. "Kelsi's in my Art class. I got stuck doing a little project with him."

Kelsi snorted. "Stuck? But you like me. Right?" he pouted cutely at Steve.

"Sure if you like to think that." Steve shrugged. "He thinks I like him." He whispered to Lawryn.

Lawryn laughed. "Well at least he isn't…like your Emo buddies."

"Me? Emo?" Kelsi shuddered. "Pulease!"

Steve glared at him.

Kelsi laughed innocently. "Emo people are my home boys."

"They're all beaners." Cill replied his mouth stuffed with bean burrito.

"And you're not?" Lawryn raised an eyebrow.

"Hells naw! I'm pure gangsta!" Cill tried to make a gang sign. "Ggg ggg ggg ggg G-Unit!"

Steve and Kelsi laughed. "Never do that again." Lawryn muttered.

"You're gonna get jumped." Steve said, pointing to the black block.

"God I hate rap. I hate hip hop. I hate R&B. I hate black people. I hate Mexicans. I hate Asians. I hate Indians. I hate white people. I hate school." Cill muttered. "But I still love you bean burrito!" he told his half done bean burrito. It stared back at him. "Yeah. I know."

"He's not like this all the time." Lawryn explained to Kelsi.

"Oh…" Kelsi nodded. He actually liked this Cill. Insane and hateful. Two things he could definitely work with.

"He's worse at other times." Steve said.

"Yeah and when it comes to hot sauce…he freaks." Lawryn nodded.

"Stop talking about me like I'm not here." Cill muttered.

"Stop acting like an idiot. First impressions." Lawryn pointed out.

Cill snorted. "Like I care what girly boy thinks about me."

"Girly…?" Kelsi gaped at him.

"Fuck yes. You give guys a bad name." Cill said. "I mean sure you're from Florida or whatever but here in Cali girly boys are harassed…big time. So I suggest jeans next time. And less eyeliner."

Kelsi blinked. Never mind… This Cill was an ass.

"Shut up Cill." Lawryn muttered. "Before you get your ass kicked."

Cill laughed. "Sure."

And so an awkward silence ensued until the end of lunch. Cill quietly thought about hating everyone and especially girly guys from Florida while Kelsi fumed in the corner. Perhaps the lunch would have gone well if Cill had listened to Lawryn and not have put too much sauce in his bean burrito.

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

Author's Notes: Hee-hee. I hope you liked it! I had fun writing it…and yes I do collect sauce packets. They're fun and cool. But my mom stole them and threw them away cause they trashed up my desk. Meh.

So yeah. I ain't wanting no haters reviewing k? I accept very constructive criticism. And "This story is pointless and stupid" works too.

So yah, have a lovely beany day!