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Seventeen: No Lies, Just Love

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Cill and Kelsi were swimming in pools of imported Tequila, beer and gay girly green apple Smirnoff. The process of de-sobering had left them slurring, swaying and with only their undershirts.

"It's fuckin' hot!" Cill yelled loudly, swaying his arms. "Shit man, fuck it." He peeled off his soggy undershirt, revealing his skinny chest which was dripping with beads of sweat.

Kelsi blinked watching Cill take another swig of gay girly green apple Smirnoff. Half naked…hawt. "Cill ya…damn fuckin' sexy…" Kelsi said, drooling, a little gay girly green apple Smirnoff dripping down his chin. He blinked and wiped it off with the back of his hand. "Shit…Cill."

Cill smirked (or attempted to). "Wha??"

"I dunno. I feel…" Kelsi blinked, trying to retrieve a drop of coherent words somewhere in his malfunctioning brain. "horny." Wha??? Hor-nee?

"Yea?" Cill giggled then crawled on the couch and leaned against Kelsi. "Cool."

Kelsi met his glazed eyes. He's…um…gawjus. He thought. In some coherent part of Kelsi's mind, the thought of kissing Cill was floating aimlessly, anticipating action.

"Kelsi…you're a zucchini." Cill breathed, his mouth an inch from Kelsi's face.

Cill's breath was laced with the scent of gay girly green apple Smirnoff and the sweet scent of a snickers bar he had during the bumpy course of intoxication. Kelsi closed his eyes and imagined their lips meeting. The image was so tangible. He could almost feel it…

In fact he did. Cill's lips attached forcefully to Kelsi's, so forcefully and suddenly that Kelsi's eyes flew open immediately and his head hit the arm of the couch as Cill climbed on top of him. The kiss was heated and sloppy, drool was dripping down Kelsi's chin again. Their lips fit awkwardly together, constantly moving to make room for their connected tongues.

Both their minds were cloudy, bodies vibrating with excitement, hands roaming and exploring. It was mass confusion. Somewhere in between their bodies couldn't control the heat from their passion and the heat the alcohol was releasing and their minds went completely black.

-- -- -- -- : -- -- -- --

Morning found Cill with Kelsi on top of him plastered on the floor amongst the large mess of pizza boxes, chip bags, candy wrappers and the culprits of all this mess: Imported Tequila, beer and gay girly green apple Smirnoff. But morning wasn't the only one that found them. Josh and Kevin walked in at around 5:00 am, tired and drowsy from a long night of Hollywood status partying. The scene, however, completely woke Josh up.

"KELSI?!" he screamed, mouth hanging open in shock.

"Aw…that's cute." Kevin smiled at the two sleeping boys…Cill was still very half naked.

Kelsi stirred slightly. He felt as if he was lying on rocks. Huh? But I love my mattress…whoa! His "mattress" moved suddenly. He opened his eyes and noticed that he was lying on someone's bare chest (which was covered in alcohol laced droll). The memories of last night burst into Kelsi's brain all at once creating a massive unneeded headache. "Ow!" he winced, holding his head.

"Huh, Kelsi, wha…uh…o my God! What the hell were you thinking??????!!!" Josh yelled frantically.

Cill awoke, startled at the sudden yell and was also attacked with a sharp booming headache. "Huh?" he moaned, sitting up quickly, knocking poor Kelsi off of him.

"Ouch…" Kelsi gasped as his head hit the table.

"Will you calm down?" Kevin hissed in Josh's ears. "They're teenagers Joshie!"

"What? Kev, are you serious? They drank all my goddamn Tequila I bought DUTY-FREE from Mexico! And shit…they destroyed my living room!" Josh yelled, madly waving his arms and not knowing what else to do with this insanity.

Kevin rolled his eyes. "You guys get yourselves together please while I calm him down, yeah?"

Kelsi blinked. "Uh-huh." He watched them leave, Josh struggling and shouting obscenities, then turned to Cill who was searching for his missing shirt amongst the trash piles. He found it, put it on then turned to face Kelsi.

This was so awkward… "Uh…" Kelsi's face reddened as the image of Cill kissing him, no, devouring his face, popped into his head so very vividly. Why can't I be blessed with amnesia…wait no…maybe it's good I remembered. It's just weird and I don't want to face it just yet.

"So…um…I guess we were wasted last night…" Cill said, scratching his head. "I have a monster hangover." He frowned.

Kelsi nodded. "Yeah, uh…"

"I should…um…I don't wanna get you in more trouble…I should um…go…" Cill said.

Kelsi frowned. "Um…yeah…okay." As soon as he heard the door close, announcing Cill's departure, Kelsi slumped down on the couch and began pouring out tears of self-pity and pure despair.

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Author's Notes: Happy Valentines Day!!!!! Short, yeah. But it'll get better. It's all going down from here. Yeah! Heeeeeee-heee. Oh, the title's a Bright Eyes song. Just disclaiming myself.


PS: Sam, this was what I was writing in Econ and getting all excited about. Lol. That was fun.