for mommom, 1927-2004, miss you every day…

born in germany


raised as a lutheran

twelve years old when the second world war began

had to flee her home

saw war-ravaged dresden

flirted with a soldier for a ride out of a girl's school

started smoking because there was nothing to eat

met an american soldier

he stole her heart

went to america with him

got married

bought house in levvitown

converted to catholicism

had two daughters

worked in a drugstore

kept smoking because she was addicted

married both daughters off

lived in new jersey

got emphysema

raised two motherless son-in-laws

became mentor, friend, confidant, co-conspirator to seven grandkids

drove a cadillac

got sick

went to the hospital

came home

nearly bedridden and on dialysis for a year

became unconscious

ambulanced to the hospital

went on a morphine drip

died in a morphine-induced coma


she will be missed

note: so maybe it's a little too personal for you...

for any of you that made it down here, thanks. it means a lot.