You can't go out with him.

He's too old.

End of story.

Too old?!

Ma, are you nuts?

Earth is a billion years old.

Dinosaurs are a trillion years old.

Daddy is fifty bazillion years old!

He's only eighteen years old.

Eat your peas, dear.

Eat my peas?!

Ma, are you nuts?

I'm in love, Ma.

I'm in love with everything about him.

I can't eat my peas.

I can't do anything.

You remember the feeling,

don't you, Ma?

You don't know

anything about love.

You love his car.

You love his face.

You don't know anything.

Don't know anything about love?!

Ma, are you nuts?

I know everything there is to know.

I'm in love.

I'm gonna get married soon, Ma.

Trust me.

Sometimes you just know.

He's too old.

Too old?!

Ma, are you nuts?

Four years is nothing.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo were

more than four years apart.

And I'm mature for my age.


Eat your peas, dear.