Bound to Love Evil

By Eleine Kruez


It was a picture right out from the timeless story about a slumbering princess awakened by a kiss. Inside a darkened room without any window that barely any light filtered in, a majestic bed dominated its center. The four posters were decorated with intertwining rich, red cloth forming a canopy, casting more shadows on its sleeping occupant. The blood red silk that covered the goose-feather mattress was soft to the touch had anyone dared to enter the room and ran their fingers across its glossy surface. Only the bed and its occupant remained undisturbed for centuries.

At the center of the bed, hair the color of ravens' feathers spilled around the woman's head. Lashes forming shadows of half-moon on her cheeks and winged eyebrows that were like two dark slashes on her forehead contrasted against the smooth, porcelain complexion of her skin. The straight, aristocratic nose was accompanied by full luscious lips that never failed to incite lust in men. Dressed in a flowing black gown that covered her body from neck to feet, the billowing sleeves ended with the show of her hands clasped on her stomach, as if in prayer.

Many had tried to glimpse of her before, having heard of the tale of the woman whose beauty and grace was so exquisite that the angels envied her. Of the magnificent creature who had high command of everything and everyone where it counted. The Beautiful One who decided to Sleep.

However, those who dared seek her only glimpsed of the stately bed, not having the necessary inner strength to walk past the marble dog statues that stood guard at the door. For centuries many attempted, even to merely catch a peek of the woman they have dubbed the Slumbering Dark Madonna.

Something tugged at her. With an involuntary twitch so minuscule it was almost imperceptible, the air seemed to freeze, the unseen, but undoubtedly powerful energy surging around her stilled.

Slowly the lids fluttered open, revealing eyes still dark and hazy from sleep.

She suddenly became aware of everything around her. Her senses picked up the activities going on outside the dimly lit room that served as her shrine for a vast number of years.

The low fire burning at the corner of the room blazed and she closed her eyes again, taking her fill of the sensation of being Awake once again. When she opened them, they were the intense emerald that was known to peer deep into a person's soul.

With a smile that can only be described as wicked, she leisurely sat up and looked around her. There was that tugging within her again.

Her brows wrinkled into a small frown, but it was soon smoothed away as she stood up and donned the dark red silk robe by the bed's feet.

Now that she has risen, it was time to pay her respects to her liege. Not a minute has passed and already she was looking forward to serving her master.

In a swirl of red and black silk, one of the most powerful demons of the Underworld walked out of her chamber, no doubt to report to the Prince of Darkness and add to the chaos already threatening to reign Earth.


Thousands of feet above ground, a man in his mid-twenties looked at the slumbering woman at the other side of the glass. Tubes and various apparatuses were attached to her and with each mechanical beep he could practically feel her slipping further away.

It all happened so fast. She was supposed to meet him for dinner, presumably to discuss their upcoming nuptials, but she was running late. He had a good view of the road from the table by the window he had reserved. He had seen her getting out of the cab, and he had waved, having caught her eye before she crossed the street.

One second she was waving back, the next…the hours that followed were a blur. He had gone into shock. And Danielle…. Danielle hasn't come out of the coma.

Despair clawed at his very soul. He knew he couldn't do much to help her now. With one last look at her still form, he turned around and walked toward the end of the corridor where the chapel was located.

He knew it was beyond him. But God would not fail him. If there was one thing he could count on at a time like this, when everything was falling apart, he could count on his faith.

He knelt in front of the after and closed his eyes. Please, Lord. Don't take her away.


So how's that for a little teaser? I've been playing around the idea of demons and stuff. And yeah, another ongoing multi-parter. ::sigh:: But I just can't help it! I have to write it otherwise I'd go insane! Well, more so than I already am, anyway. ::grin:: Please, please tell me what you think. I know it's way overdone, but hey, let me write my own version of yet another soul-selling-demon-man romance, okay? Reviews really encourage me and all that, especially the mindless-praising kind. Make my day. Click on the little menu at the bottom-left of the page saying something vaguely about submitting a review! Thanks.