It was easier before I loved you.

The pain was simpler; the cuts truer,

And I was stronger…


And now forever falls

Looming in my head

Will I forever-ever-after

Bleed, cry, hopelessly hope?

Forever falls

Screaming in my head

Will I always-ever-after

Smile through brimming tears,

Simply because you did?


It was so much easier

Before I loved you

I was invulnerable, invincible;

The scars on my wrists marks of anger

My problems were solved with a razor

But the pain was not as this;

I was not afraid,

Afraid of losing you;

I was not struck to the heart

By a smile;

I would not swear to anyone

To halt the gathering scars;

I never melted

Into anyone's arms;

I never was more afraid

Of loving anyone;

I never was more afraid

That anything would happen…


I wish I could love without fear

But I never was less able

Forever still falls

Bleeding on the ground

And you and I

Will we be forever-after bound?

Or will we fall

Like "forever" –

Gentle on the ears, a serrated blade on the heart?