Blood covers my face,

Darkened, shriveled, dead.

Thick like a mask

Hiding me

In solitude

Of my own lies

Broken, shattered

From the sky

Cloudless and blue,

Wisps of hair

Deep, as your eyes look

Into my soul

Beyond the blood.

The tortured

Sit next to me,

Bound to this Hell

Raging battle

Never ending,

Always burning

Them into another Hell

Of their mind,

Where nothingness exists,

Blackened grass

Shadows to fall upon

Never soft enough,

Needles of truths

Out of lies

Never catching you

As you fall,

Scratching yourself

On the way down

Upon the twigs

Wherein lie me

With my blood soaked voice

With the heavy

Melancholy dripping

Each vowel dying

As easily

As it came to life

With me murdering

Each sound

Emitted from your lips

That I so wish

Could be mine

To touch

Because they are yours

And we speak together

In the same

Language of

Disheveled lies.

Because you could see

Past the cracked blood,

Parched of rain,

Mud of indifference,

Dirt of hatred.

Crying doesn't stop

The pain

Salt in those tracks

Burnt into my face

By the hands

Dead and gone

Back to haunt my soul.


Clouding their eyes

Screaming to the distance

No one's there,


To their cry

Of peaceful truth

Covering flaws

Cold brutality

Cunning and quick

Mourning my death

As the blood

Fills my eyes

My lungs

With salt

Until crying

Can only hurt more

Than the love

I have inside.