A Moment

Put yourself

Within a moment

Of my life

When I overheard

You saying

What you did

Behind my back

With the razors

That you had

Promised you

Would never use

To do anything

But shave your

Legs, Maybe

Even your underarms.

You promised to

Never do that

Again, to call

Me before the

Urge to self-destruct

Became too much

For you to bear,

Before the blood

Turned red

And you passed out

In a crumpled heap

Upon your bathroom

Floor until you

Mom found you


She rushed you

To the hospital

Wondering where

She had went wrong

In teaching you

About self respect

And pride in everything

About yourself.

Put yourself

Within a moment

Of my life

When you went

Insane and left

Me alone in

Math class while

You were sent away

To rehab for your

Cutting with nickle-plated

Metal, and your

Never eating causing

Something to go

Horribly wrong

Because you grew

Fainter everyday,

And no one even

knew who you


Even after you

Had left.

The multiplication

Became more complicated,

Where once read

Two times two

Equals four,

There read

Two times two

Equals me

Minus you

Because the

Shadows had

Covered your eyes,

Making the hazel

Look like

The black of

Your pupils.

Put yourself

Withing a moment

Of my life

And realize

High school

Is not easy

Being under the

Pressure to conform

To the will

Of society,

To prove our progress

Of eating and

Repeating the

Information that was

Regurgitated to us

By some person,

Who, underneath

It all, is as

Blind and illiterate

As an unborn

Baby, like the

Rest of the world.

Never has anyone

Took a walk in

Another's shoes,

Because, as someone

Once said

To me,

They would trip

And fall trying.

Resist as I might,

You force me to

Want to relieve

Stress in the

Way that you do,

Through bleeding

Truth red,

Cutting my veins,

And stopping to

Eat, just to be

Comfortable in a

World of stick-figures.

Despite all this

Pressure of living

Too many moments

Of my own life,

I have a perfect

Life, and I'm

Proud of not

Conforming to your

Life while I lived

A moment there.

But I still think

Of you as

A best friend