October rain

Falls with the

Chill of the

Winter wind

Fast upon it's heels.

The raindrops

Hide a girl's

Falling tears

Although they fall

A deep azure

Not the clear

Veneer glazing over

His eyes

While he was high

And beat

Her until it

Seemed that

Her eyes

Were made

Of blood covered

Onyx, strong as

Stone, not flesh.

Until her body

Could bear no more

Markings of what

His own hand did

While he mixed

Substances, just to

see what would happen,

Then he became addicted.

October fog

Shadows the bruises

Covering her body

Until she can

No longer stand

The look of her

Pale blue skin,

Misted by the haze.

So much

Hatred to her

Own skin

That she scratches

At each and

Every bruise,

Slicing her

Skin with

Her short nails

That she kept

Long for a

Time when

He told her

That they were

Beautiful, until

She attacked him

Back one night

In her own defense.

And no one saw

It like that,

Because she was


And nothing

Made sense

When he lied,

Saying how

She had done that

To herself

Bruises from

Self harm

And she didn't

Recognize him

Because it was

Dark at the


But she knew

That October

Brought closure to

Her life,

His lies were glass

Cutting her veins

Slitting her


She knew

That he was

Her cause of death,

The grim reaper,

Bringing her to

Her hole in the

Ground to face

The judgement

And maybe feel

The flames of Hell

Licking her toes

Because she would be

Barefoot and they

Wouldn't burn.

She would laugh

For the first time

Since October

And before.

October came,

Then left

With her life

In tow.

He finally killed her,

Ended her misery.