The Lesson

My mind

Flickers like the

Fluorescent lights

Of the classroom

Where you

Learned the lesson

That I missed

While on the

Field trip to

Another planet

Where I was more

Like a boy

Than the girl

I really am.

It was the

Lesson they told me

I did not

Have to

Make up

And wouldn't

Have to repeat

The crash-course

On life,

Where I

Missed you

Among the Guilty

Eyes that were

Looking back

Into mine

As I realized

The lesson I

Missed that day

Was the one I

Always regretted,

Because I have

Yet to kiss you,

And I know

That you were


And I missed out.

Only for you to

Become the teacher,

To make up the

Day I missed.

My eyes close,

Thinking about

How it will

Feel for

Me to learn

Something that

So many people

Take for granted

Today in this society

That I will someday

Change so that

There is nothing wrong.

When were you

Planning on telling

Me that you did not

Miss that

Lesson that

So suddenly seems

To be maddening

Me to the

Point of

No return?

When were you

Planning on teaching me


Because I seem

To have forgotten

What she told me

That day

Before it was


Due to Rain.

Because I so love you

And would never

Subject you

To your

Unconscious fears

That you told

To our friend,

But not to me

Because you

Might make

A fool out of

Your self.

But I love you,


That lesson I missed?

You need not to

Be shy about it,

Because it will never

Make me think

Of you any different.