I'm not sure but I think I hate you

I don't mean, or want to

But hate you I do

I guess emotions always come in two

You wouldn't understand this poem, I know

And so, to you, it is a poem I cannot show

But I've got to let my feelings out

Cast away all this self doubt

And so I write this anyway

And hope you'll be able to see it someday

So, like I said emotions must come in two

Because though there is hate, I really do love you

You are my best friend and yet, somehow

I make you into my worst enemy, but I vow

I will manage to get past this paranoid fear

Because I don't want to lose you, I need you near

I couldn't do without you; you've got my heart trapped tight

So I'm gonna sort this out, bring back all the light,

And we'll stay friends forever, our bond will never break

And whatever happens, there'll be happiness in our wake.