I laughed when you wept,
Tortured your dreams as you slept
And still you think I care
…..Well beware
I'm a whore, a slut, a bitch
I use you to scratch an itch
You're so freaking innocent
I'm crooked, bent
Strayed from the straight an narrow
Surely ya know a crooked arrow
Will not fly.
Why put a halo on me?
You just can't see me realistically
Stick around you'll lose that naivety
Stupid as hell
Why are ya staying…well?
Just leave me alone
Go on home
I told ya I'm a bitch
An now I don't got no itch
So fuck off shove it
Don't say I don't mean ta hurt you
I love it
See the malice in my grin?
I can see the pain y'are lost in
Get lost… you know the score.
You aren't worth my time no more