I'm all alone

He was so shy
He didn't know my name
When it came to her
She and I were the same

One leaf falls from the tree
And covers the frozen earth
The wind sighs and turns away
How I long for summer sun
Where the flowers will bloom again

He was so frightened at first
But blossomed in years that passed
We clung together, like glue
Our love shouldn't have been surpassed

Two doves soar through the clouds
Their serene song echoing for eternity
But the clouds turn dark and gray
The wind rips them apart
Here I am, alone with a broken heart

He glared at me with malice, so irate
But the glares melted away with the season
Our fingers entwined at the sunset
Our nemesis hearts committed treason

From the ashes of the fire's anger
Life springs forth into view
The child cradles the life in adoration
The gossamer kiss turns into butterflies
The fire returns and devours my haven again

He was my brother, my cousin, my friend
He loved me, admiring from afar
Just like the seasons come and go
Thousands of miles keep us apart

The years roll by
Seasons change as birds fly away
The fawn is born; the doe gives up her life
Summer's life freezes with the setting in of winter
Time throws the dice; numbs my heart

Now here I am
Rocking to and fro
Why am I crying?
I think you know

The teardrops turn to crystal
Shattering in contact with the stone
The pieces scatter, the memory is lost
How I long to gather the pieces
I turn my back and sigh

If only you could see
Behind these stone-cold eyes
You'd see the girl you've left behind
You'd unmask my disguise

Tell me a story of old
When knights of honor reigned
Where princesses and magick are reality
And Prince Charming was as real as snow
Let me be as a child once more

My dear friend, hello
How long the time has been
How quick you were to give up
And tell me it was the end

He takes one look and turns away
The task of healing far too great
He passes the worn out soul in need
He steps on broken hearts in need of mending
He doesn't remember my name

Dear my beloved
My love for you remains
Please hold me on last time
Whisper once again my name

The wind signs and turns away
The stars scatter across the sky
The weeping willow weeps again
The innocence of laughter turns so hollow
Again, my love, again . . . . . . .


I'm all alone

A/N: Hello everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I worked really hard on this poem. So, yeah. Constructive criticism please! Oh, and if you have any suggestions on what the title could be, feel free to leave it in a review!! Thanks a mil! –Damaged--