Strapped to a chair,
held against her own will.
She learned how to kick, scream, bite, and bleed.
She knew so much in so little time,
how to break, how to hurt, how to bleed.
It's all she's ever known.

Is she dead?
Her self esteem grew deathly low,
after believing for so long, the life may suck out of you.
Ripping away from underneath your feet,
breaking your faith, blinding you;
You may not live.
But she did.

She didn't know how to feel.
Bruising and falling,
they said she could make it through.
They said she could do it.
They said she had the strength.
On the contrary; you lie.
She didn't know what was real.

She has not forgotten how to get back on her feet,
nor does she have strength;
For the simple explaination of the matter,
she has never known at all.