Abortions of the mind
Like sitting songbooks with no souls
Holding onto their infinite nothingness

The release is tried and failed

I'm still pregnant with free thought, Masters,
(Though you took my freewill a long time ago)

Tempt me not, my Lord and Lady,
As I slip into the shell of nothingness you gave me
Freedom is bliss when won not fought for
Can you call this freedom when I'm told to die for you
And leave my mind a shell

Emptied out save to obey your commands thoughtlessly
I can't hold onto nothingness in hell, my Lady,
Especially when salt licks melt on my cheeks
Accompanied by fire eyes and screaming
By me and by those around me dying

We're in the devil's playground
Fighting over the swing set to oblivion, my Lady,

Don't strike me down, my Lord,
Just because I'm not as foolish as you're wishing

I can't lift my fingers to disobedience
When you're smiling at me for horrid deeds

I submit my thoughts to no one
This belt my confirmation as it chokes me
Letting my toes brush the ground

Abortions of the mind
Allowing it to die
(If I can't use it, you can use the rest of me, my Masters)