A/N- I'm not sure how obvious this is, but basically it's just a phone conversation between two people. I'm trying something new. The italics and normal writing are only to show you it's a different person talking. Hope you like it. Please tell me what you think.

Can you hear me?

Who is this?


Sorry, I can't hear you, who is this?

Can you hear me?

I can't hear you…

This is Micheal.

Speak louder


Micheal? Oh my god, why are you calling me. Shit.

Don't hang up, please.

Why shouldn't I? After what you did. How the hell could you be with her?

I wasn't with her. I wasn't with her.

Yes you were I saw you.

No, no I wasn't. Caitlin, we're friends. I swear we are. Friends from work.

Yeah right, that was why you were sitting in the corner of the bar by yourselves talking to eachother, leaning towards eachother…

No, Caitlin. I'm a journalist. Right? We're doing a story on the bar Caitlin. Apparently there are rats in the kitchens and stuff. Caitlin, I wasn't out with her. We were working, I swear.


Caitlin I'm telling the truth I swear.


Yes, Caitlin please come back.

...You really want me back there?

I don't like her Caitlin. I like you.


Where are you Caitlin?


To where?

I was going to my parents…

Turn around, please. Nothing ever happened. Come back. Please…

Well… ok then. Ok…you're right.

Oh. Thank god. I would have missed you so much.

Me too.





I lov-

Damn it. Oh no, some bastard is running a red light. And no, oh my go-

…Caitlin? Caitlin? Are you there? Oh my god. Caitlin? Answer me, answer me. Caitlin? No… no… Caitlin, I love you…