This is a summary for book one of The Skeption Chronicles.

King Morpheus and Queen Yelaina, of Eshl'ton, have grown old and tired. The kingdom of Piscen, for too long, has waged war upon the entire country of Skeption. The King and Queen know that other kingdoms have become annoyed with the senseless war. So they have devised a plan.

They send forth a trusted advisor to a creature market to purchase creatures. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Many dangers and a very important battle wait for this advisor.

Eventually the creatures are bought, and some creatures even voluntarily come. The King and Queen personally explain what the creatures must do. Each of them accept: some not so willingly. The eleven creatures are given each a weapon. The weapons were created specifically for the creatures, and no other person or being could use the weapons.

After the necessary preparation, the creatures set out. Where? They are sent to the other kingdoms within the war-torn country to make alliances. The alliances will either make or break the end of the war. Though, not all of the creatures have the best of intentions at heart.

The story will not follow all eleven. They split up, so I cannot be with them all. We will only follow five of them.

The unlikely heroes face many perils, and run into many interesting beings, some not very friendly. Unfortunately, through the course of events in this epic tale, death awaits a few of the heroes. Shocks and surprises will thrill the readers, and keep them in eternal suspense, until all three books of this tale have been told.

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