Time to end

You once said that I was your best friend

Now this friendship might go to and end

I thought that you could understand me

But now I guess you are just the enemy

What you said made me cry

When I saw it I only wanted to die

I told you so many hidden things

I can't take all this pain, it stings

A true friend would never do anything like that

You made my entire world go flat

Everything went blurry

All my other friends began to worry

I couldn't concentrate any more

The tears continued to pour.

I don't know why I'm crying

But it's time to stop the denying

How could you hurt me so bad?

You mad me ooh so sad.

I can't stop these tears from falling,

Will you please just stop the name calling

There is only one way to stop these voices.

Life is full of so many choices

And mine is to leave you all alone

For my heart has turned to stone

There are only a few last words that I must say

Please stay out of my way

I will you so much, yet not

You have created so many memories that I have not forgot

Good bye forever, my old friend,

This friendship is now to an end