My every night

There has to be a batter way,

A way to a new hope and brighter day,

There is a beautiful blue sky,

But I can't see it so why do I try,

I sit here stuck in remorse,

Over and over I find the same source,

Every night I watch the same movie,

I hear the same actor say groovy,

No matter which road I take,

I get another head ache,

The ending never changes

But everyday it rearranges,

Every night I try again,

But why I lie down my fears begin,

I try to hide but I can't

Lovely memories are very scant,

In my soul a second chance,

In my life I take another glance,

Again and again,

My fears begin,

I can taste your tender lips,

But into my thoughts your memory slips,

Never stopping again,

I gain my fears and my lies begin

In the end I wake,

Yet now I don't want to be awake