Inspiration comes real blind
Getting' it big off of B-sides
Ed Wood, Ed Wood, you destitute
You ambitious resolute
You created what no one understood
Had ideas but they weren't too good
Thought with fantastic childhood
Worst thing ever to hit Hollywood

It wasn't trickery that you used
No scams here – no one abused
Just one man tall, with his ideals
All smashed to bits on the film reels
But Ed Wood, you did teach us all
On our faces we will never fall
Even if it means that we must become galled
By your uncanny scenes and outlandish drawl

Ed Wood, dressed in women's clothes
Big dud, science-fiction films
With no, reason to explain
Ed Wood, you finally got your fame
But it, came with laughter
Defamation, two years after
Your death, oh man Ed Wood
Still never bereft, of your hopes Ed Wood

Inspiration comes real blind
It takes a man to tout that line
When you're being beaten like Ed Wood
Conveyed his mind the best he could
Inspiration comes with persistence
The fight for one's own existence
So exist as free as you once were, Ed Wood
Show the world that they also should