Through a child's eyes

Look through a child's eyes

and you'll see a different world.

Instead of black and white

you'll see it in luscious

greens and golds.

You'll have so many hopes and dreams

once you look through these eyes.

And have an imagination once again

that will set you toward the skies.

With no worries you'll absorb

the new atmosphere.

Forgetting this emotion,

I must say is what I truly fear.

To look once again through

the eyes of our youth

will bring us back from

our world of bitter truth.

It grieves me to know that

this sweet childhood

cannot last forever.

And will soon drift away

only to be a comforting memory

for us to remember.

And as time goes on it will

be a forgotten story of our past

that will linger in our hearts

until time cannot last.

I ask that you try not to lose

this sweet bliss.

For when it fades,

it will be something you

will dearly miss.