The Best Friend


We've been best friends for a long time, Cal and I. We met at the playground when we were about four. This kid was picking on me and Cal pushed the boy into the sandbox. We have been best friends ever since, so have our mothers.

He's been there, with me for everything—third grade, when the girls thought the boys had cooties and vice versa, my parents getting divorced (dad was cheating), puberty, freshman year of high school, applying for college, the nerve wrecking S.A.T, Prom, then finally going our separate ways for college.

You see he went to Harvard, while I was more of a stay-close-to-the-parents type kid and went to the University of Florida, which was about 4 hours drive from where my parents lived.

College was difficult for me, my best friend wasn't with me and I felt all alone. At least, I was for freshman year, after that I made more friends but with out Cal, a piece of me was missing.

Finally, college ended, for both of us, and we moved to Boston together—well, not together but we both got jobs there. I got a great job at the top high school in the city, teaching English Lit. to the juniors and seniors. Cal got a job at a fantastic law firm in downtown Boston.

Yes, Cal was a lawyer, and a damn fine one at that. The day he passed the Bar Exam was (as he says) the happiest day of his life. We were no longer kids anymore; we were in the big world, with jobs and bills. No more schooling, or parents to tell us what to do or how to do it. (Though my mom still tells me what to do!) We were the adults now.

In the first year that we had moved there, Cal had met Ashley Taylor, a high-maintenance fashion columnist about a year older than him. They had dated about a year when Cal popped the question, she said yes, and they had planned to marry the following April.

This was a hard time for me. One thing that Cal never knew was, I was head over heels in love with him, and since he had Ashley, I was left completely heartbroken. Not only was he going to get married to someone that wasn't me, but also he was going to go off and have kids with her and a nice suburban life and forget about me. Ok, so I was somewhat of a drama queen, thinking that my best friend of…what was it? 20 years was going to forget me, but he was going to love someone more than me, and I would have to share him.

I was also happy for him, because he was happy, and in the long run, that was the most important thing to me. But that all came crashing down one day in the middle of February.

Ashley had called and told Cal that she was sick, so she couldn't come over to fix some plans for their wedding. Cal, being the sweet person he was, decided to go over to her apartment and bring her some soup and check up on her. He got to her apartment and opened the door, walked over to the kitchen and called out her name, when he didn't get a response, he walked into her bedroom, only to find her in bed with another man. That man just happened to be his other best friend, Tom Bradshaw, the man who was going to be best man and his and Ashley's wedding. He was completely devastated

That same night, he came over to my place to talk to me. He told me that she was the love of his life and that he would never find someone as wonderful as she was. That was just bullshit. He could certainly find someone who could be sweet, and kind, and someone who would never cheat on him. I told him this, but he was so convinced that he would never find someone like that, that he completely sworn off love and marriage all together. That night, Calvin Jacobs become incapable of love.

A/N: Ok, I know I am supposed to be working on my story, The Revolution, but I had to give this idea a shot. Now, this is just the prologue so it's not very good at the moment but trust me, it will get better.