The Best Friend


After that night, we called everyone and told them of our news. They all seemed surprised, yet very happy about it.

Cal and I were married that following July in Florida on the beach. Our wedding was small, yet fancy. We made it so that it was only our close friends and family.

Ally was my maid of honor, Jenny and my friends, Marina Barker and Colette Shields were the bridesmaids. No, I didn't make my maid of honor wear an ugly eggplant colored dress like Jenny made me, but each bride's maid wore light blue gowns.

My dress was extravagant and wonderful, my dream dress. It was, of course, white and strapless, and had ruffles all down the skirt, and my hair was down in my curls and I had a small tiara on my head, no veil. I carried lilies down the aisle with me as Cal's dad, Bill, gave me away.

Bill and I had always been very close. Almost like a second father to me.

Cal looked very handsome in his black tuxedo and light blue tie. His groom's men were Kenneth Jackson, his friend from college, Mitchell James, and his best man, was surprisingly, Garret Henderson. They had become friends after that day, great friends. Garret found himself a new girlfriend named Monica Worth, and they were happy together. Who knows, maybe he will be the next one down the aisle?

Ally, had just announced that she and John were going to have a baby, and my sister was also pregnant again.

I couldn't wait to have kids, neither could Cal.

And so, not a year after we were married did we introduce our first son, Nicholas Michael Jacobs into the world. He looked just like his father. Pretty soon after that, our daughter, Emma Grace Jacobs. Then, there was our other son, Benjamin Alexander, and his twin sister, Isabella Elizabeth Jacobs. Our four, beautiful, wonderful children.

We lived a life full of more love than you can imagine. Everyday was different. Sure, we had our fights and Cal had his share of nights on the couch, but we never stopped loving each other, and that, I was thankful for.

We had our love story.

The End!

A/N: Aw, I hope you guys liked it. This is my first story that I have actually completed. I had a great time these past couple of days writing it. I have more stories in mind that I shall start soon, so watch out for those.

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