Imperfect Day

Dawn of an imperfect day

Out of bed too early

No choice of what to do

Too early for me to tell

Too early to see

How much I'm giving up

Just passing a stroll along this train of thought

Thoughts have a tendency to stay in my mind until they're taken over

By another obsession

My shrink told me, write it down

I try to write about the way I felt that early day

I try to explain to them why your path seemed so beautiful

When even I wonder sometimes

I thought that I could follow you

Until it was too much

And turn back with the morning still young

She took my hand, and didn't let go

I tried to tell her that I didn't style my hair

That my glasses were too dirty

And I hated the shirt I wore that morning

She woke me up too soon

It was already ten o'clock

Five hours I would lose

Running back to start

At noon, she stopped me by a tree that shaded out my senses

A second passed that I didn't understand

She left me to walk the rest of the way

Sometimes finding me

Assuring me I'd find my answers if I didn't wander off

At midnight

She left me, in the middle of an unpaved, unfinished road

Maybe, she promised

Maybe she'd come back for me.

All I had to do was ask her

I didn't stay

But I never found my way back

And hope I never will