Dog Walker

Chapter 1- The Perfect Goth Man

I grabbed a pair of house keys from the table and put them in my pocket picking up my phone on the way and shoving that in my other pocket.

"Mum, I'm taking Sammy for a walk." I called through the house, opening the front door.

"Ok honey, come back before its dark." I heard her call, most probably from the living room.

"Alright Mum." I called back.

I shut the door behind me and ventured into the backyard carefully, keeping a look out for my vicious dog. He came running the moment he saw me, jumping on my leg and hardly even reaching my knee. "Still a little snowball hey boy?" I said patting his head with one hand and attaching his leash to his collar with the other. "Calm down ok, people don't like it when you jump all over them. No, I don't mind." I said quickly. "But some people don't like it, ok?" He wagged his tail and led me towards the gate. I laughed and let him take me onto the footpath before I took control and started walking my usual circle around the block.

I turned onto another street and Sammy obviously picked up the scent from another dog because he started running in front of me and tugging at the leash. "Sammy, calm down, come on Sammy." I said, trying to pull him back and wondering for the hundredth time if the collar hurt his neck when he did that. I looked in front of me and saw a boy walking with a Labrador. I heard Sammy bark and looked back at him, I sighed. "Ok, Sammy, that's enough." I picked him up off the floor, which wasn't hard because he was a Maltese. Sammy continued to bark but he wasn't struggling. The other dog had calmed down too.

I sighed. "Sorry about that." I looked up to see the boy kneeling next to his dog. He got up and wow… he was hot. He had dyed black hair but there were blue streaks in his black hair as well. I could see eyeliner around his hazel eyes. He was wearing black baggy pants and a black hoody. I suppose he was what you'd call 'Goth' or 'Emo' but I wasn't exactly sure what that meant anyway. I'd never seen someone in quite so much black before. It was everywhere, but it completely suited him.

"No problem. Wasn't your fault." I was drawn back to reality as he spoke. His voice was deep, warm and casual.

I smiled at him. "Yeah, Sammy's a Maltese, he'll bark at anything in sight." Wow, did you hear that? I didn't stumble over any of those words.

He smiled back and I almost melted into the ground. I was officially having a conversation with the hottest guy in the universe. "Yeah, my friend has a Maltese."

Oh my god. He had a tongue ring. That was so hot! I wanted to see what it felt like… ok, cool down Hailey, what did he say? "So… he… or she's a Labrador?" I asked, referring to his dog.

"He and yeah, he is. His name's Rex."

I raised an eyebrow "Original."

He laughed. I could get used to that sound any day. "And mine's Lee."

"I'm Hailey." I replied.

Lee smiled at me. "I'm impressed."

Ok, so that didn't make sense. "Because my name's Hailey…?"

He laughed and shook his head. "Nah, although Hailey is a nice name…" I smiled. "People are usually a little scared of how I dress."

I shrugged. "If you don't mind me asking… is there a reason you're all in black? Not that it's not totally hot." Shit, I didn't mean to say that. "I mean- it looks cool." I finished lamely.

He smiled knowingly and I could feel myself blushing, damn my light skin! "Well…I don't know." He started. "For me anyway, it's just a way of expressing myself I guess? and its fun." He paused, thinking. "And I have a band."

"What are you expressing?" I asked curious, storing away his 'I play in a band' information until later. Bad boy in a band? Hott.

He laughed. "Little too far."

"Sorry." I said quickly. "I hardly know you, I shouldn't be asking."

"So…do you live around here?" He asked.

"Yeah. Back there." I gestured behind me. "You?"

"That house, right there." He pointed and I followed his hand, although I would have much rather been looking at his face. Wow. His house was huge. And so I told him that.

"Your house is huge."

He shrugged. "I guess so." Oh no, this was it. This was when he said good bye and kept walking his way and I kept walking my way and we'd never see each other again. "So… can I walk with you?"

YES, YES of course you can would have been the answer I wanted to give; instead I smiled and said "Sure." See? I can be restrained when I want to.

He smiled back. "Cool."

So we walked together and we talked. I was walking with the hottest boy imaginable and we were actually talking! I asked him a little about his band and he told me his mates and him just played together sometimes, they practiced in a garage and occasionally had gigs in places, but it was mostly for fun. I could just imagine him on the guitar… my imagining nearly caused me miss my house, but I realized at the last moment that we were walking past it.

"This is it." I said, stopping. "My place."

He nodded. "Nice, ok then."

"Yeah, so, bye then I guess." I started walking up the driveway before I felt his hand on my arm.

"Can I have your email address?"

Oh My God. He just asked for my email address! I think I'm going to faint. "Ok then…"

He suddenly pulled out a pen from one of his pockets and handed it too me sticking out his hand. I opened the lid and wrote on his arm and gave him back his pen.

"Cool." He smiled, putting his pen away.

"So, do I get yours?" I asked with a smile. He laughed and pulled his pen out again and wrote it on my arm.

"Ok, so I'll see you." He put the pen back in his pocket and walked on down the road. I opened the gate and went inside. Wow, that had got to be the best walk I've ever had. Put Sammy in the backyard before going inside. I wrote his email address carefully on a piece of paper in my room and had a shower.

I still couldn't believe that was happen. Perfect Goth man wanted my email address. Perfect Goth man who played the guitar and had a tongue ring. It definitely had a ring to it.

After I got out and dried myself on I threw on my pajamas and went straight to my computer. I added him to my contacts, logged on and almost squealed when I saw he was online.

Then suddenly I saw an orange flashing and clicked on it.

Lee says:
Hey, long time no see huh?

I smiled.

Hails says:

Hey, it's not my fault, I couldn't think of anything to say.

Leey says:
So, I've got to go soon but hey, do you go walking every day?

Hails says:

Leey says:
So, wanna go walking with me tomorrow?

Oh my God. He was asking me to go walking with him. I love life.

Hails says:
That'd be cool.

Leey says:
Cool, so how bout I meet you at the park at 4.

Hails says:
Awesome. That'd be great.

Lee says:
So, I'll cya then. Bye.

Hails says:

I closed the conversation window and couldn't keep the smile off my face. I couldn't wait till tomorrow.


a/n- I have finally edited and changed the first chapter a little. It's not that different but all that horrible stereotypical Goth stuff I have in there is out, well, there's still some there, but hey, I tried! I'll see you all later chica-dees!