The Sins of Fellow Wolves

I have parted ways with the world

I am dead and gone

I walk down the ivory road to heaven

Or maybe its just seventh street on ice

On the rocks

My heart nonetheless

Can't eat a morsel

But can drink away Niagara

I am starving



But my glassy eyes are not

Given to a ghost

I should have cried

I did I tried

But none the less

The wolf ate me

And he ripped me and raped me

And his claws wrapped around my thigh left me as tattered as a warship's sail

I am not broken

I am healing

Bullshit doctors feed me

It is not enough to satisfy the hunger

Not enough to see beauty in my vacant smile

The only thing that surfaces is anger

Is utmost hatred in all things

Especially my worst enemy


That's why I claw at all unholy things that make me me

I rip my flesh with my own teeth,

Starting with the fingers ending with the feet

I need to undo

What was already undone

I am mad

Mad as a dog

I am too sick

Take me out back and shoot me

As I look at you

You unlucky fool who found me

Have mercy

Shaking on the edge

I should have cried wolf

But no one would believe me