From Prep to Punk

Chapter 1

"Omg can you believe that we are seniors this year" Laura said swinging her book bag down to the ground.

"I'm not" kristen pouted leaning against the tree.

"Dont worry you will be, one day" i laughed.

"haha one day! but not today!" Sadie said smirking.

Thats Sadie for you. Always trying to bring someone down. I watched as kristen's face fell, damn it sometimes Sadie can be such a bitch!

"Dont listen to her." I told kristen rolling my eyes. She just smiled.

We were all sitting at 'our tree' in the court yard. Just like any school our school was broken up into social groups. You have the geeks, nerds, freaks, band dorks, loners, and then us...the 'in' crowd.

"Hey baby" i heard as an arm wrapped around my waist.

"baby? since when?" i smirked glance up at the owner of the arm.

"Since always" Kyan growled pulling me towards him.

"Ana you know you two are are going to hook up, it is like an unspoken fact." Kristen laughed.

OMG me and kyan hooking up...that i just couldnt see happening. I mean he isnt ugly by any means. He is your standard jock, ya know the captain of the football team kind? He stood about 6'2 with brown spiked hair and blue eyes and he had the body that could make any girl drool. I know I know your thinking 'so whats the problem?' The problem is that i know him, he's a player. I dont want to get hurt.

"in his dreams maybe" I laughed shaking his arm off of me as the bell rang. It was off to english for me! "see yall at lunch" i called waving at them.

Walking into english i took the seat farthest in the back and pulled out my note book. I hate not having any friends in class with me. I watcheds as all the girls started looking at me and smiling. Every girl always tried to be in our good graces in hopes that we would invite them into our circle, but if you ask me i would trade places with any of them in a heart beat. Nobody cares what they do, or how they dress. But we have like a standard to live up to. We have to wear the latest fashions...

"Move" a voice commanded pulling me out of my thoughts

"excuse me?" I asked looking up.

OMG my breath caught in my throat. There in front of me stood Conner Wyatt.

"you heard me...MOVE preppy" he said picking up my books and tossing them to a nearby desk.

I know what your wondering and your right. Conner is the 'king' of the freaks. He is like their leader. I know that preps and freaks are forbidden to get together but he is so hot! With shoulder length black hair that fell into his dark brown eyes as he moved. I looked him up and down, he was wearing tattered bondage pants with a tight fitted dark blue shirt with assorated black braclets on both arms...he was like sex on legs!

"I am not going to say it again" he growled.

"but this isnt your seat" i said weakly.

"oh but it is" he smirked crossing his arms.

"its the first day, how can it be yours already" i asked raising an eyebrow.

He simply pointed towards the front. OMG there on the overhead was a seating chart and i WAS sitting in his seat. I am such a dumbass!

"sorry" i muttered picking myself up and walking towards the seat he and thrown my stuff on. THAT was my seat. I dont think i have ever felt...

"a preppy saying sorry?! is the world ending?" he growled.

... more embarrased.