Osiri's Necklace

Once upon a time, in a valley where the grass sway, sky laden with stars and the ever-glowing moon lived the Lucridan people. They were an odd folk, living upon hill-tops in moon-white domes decorated like the sea of light above and never being the kind one would read about in grand stories. No, they were a secretive people, always dressed in night-blue robes and staying indoors during the day hours. They weren't known for talking much, either, which may have been one reason they never appeared in tales.

In this paticular instance, though, a tale was born with a new tail, so to speak: a runt was born to a large family and was somewhat overlooked by his siblings. Named Osiri Luncidna Yukei, the entire name being a phrase that went 'Lucridan, Under the Moon's Shadow' or something quite like that. He was always quiet, for he had quite a problem speaking as his words never came out quite how they should and it was all he could do to prevent teasing, and was usually by himself, confiding in a small potted plant or two in the windowsill. As the world around him continued to change, he never seemed to be any different in personality, height, or intelligence, nor did anyone notice him more than usual as time continued. Osiri became bored with this lifestyle, knowing that all things by nature MUST change once or twice but sometimes it needed a push; stepping out the door in broad daylight, he delivered that change upon himself.

This bright world astounded him; the flowers that bathed in the moonlight seemed to sleep, closed petals bowing heavily against the warn sun. A warm breeze tickled the green and yellow grasses, causing them to shimmer with sunlight. Though he had been told the daylight had no place for a Lucridan, he found it quite delectable and started to awake during the day hours. This made his people suspicious, especially since he began to tend for daylight's plants and had witnessed both a sunrise and a sunset. Their suspicions grew when, bored with the daylight, he began wandering farther and farther from the small village and close to human territory.

Humans were a devilish creature, it had been said, pushing wildlife to the fringes so they could build brick nests that towered above the darkened earth. They would destroy innocent animals as if showing off their powers and would cascade down upon one prey like a pack of giant wolves. All humans were told to be pure evil, and that all Lucridan should stay far away from them. But wandering astray, Osiri eventually came across the twilight garden of a young human girl. She was sitting upon a stone in the middle of her flowers which had all started to close for the day, her black hair as dark as the midnight which glowed in the setting sun. Taken with curiousity, he tried to sneak to her but upset a watering can sitting on the rocky edge of her pond.

"Who's there?!?" She whipped her head around to face the bumbling creature who, out of surprised, tripped into the pond with a loud splash. Hurrying over and pulling the small figure out of the water, she asked him when he was standing on his own stead, "What are you doing playing in there this late, huh?"

"Forgive... Forgive Osiri," The Lucridan wringed out his cloak, "Osiri not mean fall into person's pond, not at all! Forgive Osiri, Osiri will go..."

"What a funny little creature- Osiri, is your name?"

A nod of the dripping hood got the girl a bit wet.

"You can stay as long as you like, just be kind to the flowers, okay? I'm Jenn. You're welcome any time you want to visit."

What an offer! His little heart skipped a beat, for her garden was the most beautiful sunlit garden he had ever seen, down to the floating pads in the clear pond. He started to come every day at sundown, where Jenn was always found perched upon her stone, gazing at the full moon that rose above the trees around her garden. In the late summer, when glowbugs were dancing through the air and crickets sang with joy, Osiri came for yet another visit, following the full moon to the garden. As she always had been, Jenn was sitting on her rock staring at the pockmarked face shining down upon her. Hearing his approach, Jenn looked back to Osiri with a smile, "Hello! I'm glad to see you today!"

Osiri nodded. He started to speak, a rare thing for him to do but it had begun to just snowball near his human friend, "Osiri is glad see Jenn! Moon is very full tonight; means good luck, those who see it! Jenn has seen it, yes? Good luck for Jenn, then!"

"And good luck for Osiri... but you know... there is something I'd love..."


"...I want the moon to myself." Her gaze lingered up at the moon, "To hold in my hand and look at whenever I wish. So I can always see it's beauty, day or night... To share with my best of friends when they ask, and to share it with you! For we have had nights where the clouds are too thick to see it; imagine, if we had it, we could even see it in the worst of weather. Wouldn't that be a dream...?"

Osiri stared up for a moment, then clapped his gloved hands together, "Osiri will get the moon for Jenn!"


"Jenn shares garden with Osiri, so Osiri will share moon with Jenn!"

"But... it's important to you, and I wouldn't want to take away something so-"

"No, Osiri insists! Both can look at moon whenever, if share!"

"Alright... but how will you get the moon?"

Osiri gazed up for the longest time, silent. Then he turned and started to bound away, calling, "Osiri will think of something! See Jenn tomorrow, with moon!"

"Okay, Osiri!" She waved goodbye, "Don't worry too much, though, if you can't get it!"

Of course, as the reader knows, the moon is VERY far away, and he didn't have much luck trying to get it from any height he climbed! He tried first atop his roof, with a fishing rod to reel it in, but could never catch the glowing ball on the end of the hook. He even tried netting it atop the tallest hill, but still no success. Time trickled away as he feverishly tried to grab at that moon, until it disappeared under the horizon, casting the sun from it's slumber. He refused to be defeated, however, and stewing over strategies to capture it, he grew a beautiful idea.

The next night, Jenn gazed up at the sky at the white moon, sighing. She knew it had been a silly request, to own the moon, and hoped Osiri hadn't gone to much trouble. Anyhow, if he had, he never got it, for there it was hanging up in the sky among the stars. With a sigh, she began thinking of an apology, just as his voice called across the garden.

"Jenn! Jenn!" He panted, stumbling up to her rock as she turned around, "Osiri has the moon for Jenn!"

"Don't be silly, Osiri," Jenn sighed, "I'm sorry I-"

"No, really!" He dug about in his heavy cloak, then suddenly produced a necklace. She slowly took it into her hands and thought, for a moment, that it was the most lopsided necklace she had ever seen. One side had been strung longer than the other, the cord tied tightly around the clasp-and-loop connection. It had long, shining beads of carved metal, and cool blue stone, seperated by metal orbs that reflected the light. The best part, however, was a small crystal charm, in the shape of the crescent moon! It had been chipped several times, and though it was dark and had a gorgeous play of rainbow colors within it, the color was fading slightly. She looked up at Osiri, who began to explain.

"Osiri decided for special person, special necklace! You see... Blue beads symbolize the darkened sky, meaning that though things seem dark, still light shines somewhere! Silver for the stars, unending glimmers which always are there, even under veil. Round beads for new moon, for even moon must fade at times. Lopsided to remind Jenn that Jenn not need be perfect, never! And moon hangs off end- it may be chipped, but moon is, too, if looked at close! Makes more beautiful, Osiri says. And clouded for waxing and waning, but now Jenn can forever see the moon any time Jenn likes!"

"Oh, Osiri!" She smiled brightly, then secured the lopsided necklace around her neck. Dropping to her knees before him, she took the young creature into a warm hug, head pressed against the soft robe, "This is the most beautiful gift I have ever gotten! You worked so hard to get me the moon... I like this much better, so you will have the moon even if I cannot share this one. This gift is precious to me, Osiri- and never, EVER, have I had a closer friend than you!"

"Osiri is glad. Jenn, enjoy moon muchly!"

"I will..." She sighed airly, happiness gleaming in her eyes, as she sat back and gazed at the finely chipped crystal.

She wore that necklace every day since she recieved it, and it never seemed to leave her neck. But as the seasons changed, as they always did, so did Jenn and Osiri. She began to grow upward like a tree, leaving Osiri down within her shadow. Though he never grew upwards, he did change in age- the village, so suspicious that he had befriended a village, banned him from it's borders. So, the last night he was allowed in his homelands, he came walking up to the beautiful garden. The tall, womanly Jenn was still sitting upon that rock, staring at the moon which now peeked around the trees around her home. The necklace hung from her neck, still full of it's original symbolism in her heart. Walking up to her, Osiri sighed, "Greetings, Jenn."

"Hello, Osiri," She turned to face him, "What's wrong?"

"...Osiri must leave."

"Oh, Osiri, you could live here..."

"No," He shook his head, "Osiri has realized... Osiri has not found place in world. There is somewhere for Osiri, Osiri knows this, but Osiri just must find it... So, Osiri must leave, or never will find place."

"...I see," She sighed, "For it's the same way with me, Osiri. I fear that with the coming of fall, I am expected to find my own place, as well, but I never thought you would leave before me. But... before you go..."

He watched her remove the necklace, which she held down to him in her silken hands. Frowning a bit under the heavy hood, he looked up at her, "...Jenn no longer likes?"

"No, Osiri, I LOVE that necklace... but you are going to travel, and you may come to a place where you can no longer see the moon. You gave this to me in friendship, and I pass it back to you. Wear it, and you'll never forget this garden, or me, and you can always return in dream as long as you wear it. Keep it around your neck, and perhaps one day, if you come back, I will see you and it and come to you. But if you find you cannot continue, look at the necklace and come back, remembering that I am always waiting with open arms for your return."

"...Osiri thanks Jenn muchly..." He slowly took the necklace, then fastened it around his neck, over the cloak so it could be seen visibly. He held it up for a moment, then looked at her, "...One of the beads..."

"Oh, yes! I replaced one of the beads- that glass one there," She kneeled down and pointed it out, "It's so you can remember me, I suppose. Like a special star in the sky."

"...Osiri could never forget Jenn." He suddenly took her into a hug, letting out a long, heavy sigh.

"And I could never forget my friend Osiri without it, either. Take care of yourself in this world, Osiri."

"Osiri will!" He let go from her, turning tail and bounding off, trying to run away from the tears that welled up in his eyes, "Goodbye, Jenn! Osiri will miss you!"

"Goodbye, Osiri," She slowly waved, standing up, a few tears freely rolling from her face, "You will find your place, of all people."

So this is the story of the lopsided necklace, whose travels still continue; the story was passed from Osiri to people he'd meet in gardens and woods, across back roads and hillsides. He traveled, searching for his place, and came full-circle back to Jenn's garden one evening. Running as fast as he could, he came to the meadow in which it grew, and found nothing but tall grass and the empty rock. The pond, choked by weeds, still was able to reflect the moon and stars above, images rippling across it's surface. Jenn had gone, as she said...

Now it is said this little traveler is constantly searching for Jenn, but has passed the necklace on to another girl who had listened to his stories. Corinne, as she was called, a young girl back then, had received it for safekeeping as he left, and she hasn't seen him since. But she remembers the story, wearing the necklace, and will smile brightly if asked for this tale which still may be growing under the silent, white moon.