Never, Ever

I would never, ever leave

Though you seem so far away

In your sorrow and your pain

I'm here for you, I'm by your side

Through every fracturing of your heart

Every tear you cry for those you've lost

Every angry word of agony


I would never, ever leave


Nothing I wouldn't do for you

Take your pain and make it mine

Just to see you smile one more time

I'd bleed away

Tomorrow and today


No more tears


Feel the world sinking down

Into a nightmare world of black

You feel alone in it all

But I'm here too

Right beside you

Holding your hand


I'll be there with you

Until the stars rain from the sky

In tears of orange flame

Until the sky falls from above

and end to it all

I'll be the one beside you

Drying every unseen tear

Piecing together your broken heart

Until you can smile again


I'll never