Daniel Radcliffe, the love of my life. I can just picture it now. I would walk down that red carpet, our eyes would meet, and-Oh yes-it's love at first sight. sigh

I know it's bad. But hey, it is my fantasy. So, I finally decide to get up and do something. It's the weekend so there's no school today. 'I wonder if Torie's home,' I think to myself, 'If not I could always call her cellphone and find out where she is.' So, I pick the phone and dial her cell number.

-No answer-

"Ugh," I sighed, "Another boring day at home." "Sara!" My father calls from downstairs, "Want to go the Apple Orchard with me?" Guess my day is saved.

"Sure!" I replied, "Just let me get dressed really quickly!" Truth is. I'm already dressed, but if I'm actually already dressed, but if I'm going out someplace. I'm not wearing sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt. (Yes, basically I look like shit and need to change)

So, I changed into some dollhouse jeans and a peasant white shirt, combed my short brown hair and dashed downstairs--I suppose you're still waiting for a description of my appearance. Well, I'm not going to give it to you. I'm ugly; I hate how I look, so just imagine what you want. Pretend I'm a beautiful fairy princess or...whatever-

The Apple Orchard, I don't know if you have ever seen one or been to one, so I'm just going to try to describe it anyways. It's a wonderful place, very homey and small town-ish. I think that's why everyone loves it so much. All it basically is, is a grove filled with apple trees in which you can pick your own kinds of apples to take home and eat. They also make this delicious home-made fudge that is just so good. A new flavor comes out every year too. There is no parking lot either, which just gives it an even more homey feeling. You park your car/tractor in a field. Yes, there are people around here that drive their tractors around. I live in a very small town that's currently in the process of becoming a large town. We just opened up a Walmart about a week ago and everyone is all big-headed about it saying that we are becoming this big city and all. I don't really know how I feel about it. I guess I'm just going with the flow, taking things as they come.

We pulled into the field where we usually park to go to the Orchard and we spot a big black limo with a gold encrusted "X" on it.

"What is going on here...?" My dad asked to no one in particular. "I don't know. Do you think Ed's going to sell his Orchard?" I asked.

My dad turned to me. "Ed would never see his Orchard. It's his life." He said this and then turned to get out of the car. My dad's about 6'5, muscular-he's one of those biker guys-with tattoo's all over him. His shaggy, curly, red hair kept blowing in his face, but he refused to cut it. In case, it didn't grow back.

"All right." I replied as I followed him to the house.

"Why don't you go along and start picking some apples. I'll go see what's going on inside and catch up with you later." He suggested to me.
Honestly, though I claim to not care. Ed's Orchard wouldn't be as good if it wasn't HIS Orchard. It'll lose some of it's homely value if he sells it to this big company. But instead of voicing my opinion, I just started walking toward the Apple Patch and kept my mouth shut.

About 10 minutes later I was out in the orchard trying to find the absolute best apples. I guess I was singing or something because suddenly I heard a man's voice coming from behind me. "You have a very lovely voice. Did you know that?" He said as he jumped from a tree nearby. He was rather lean and young, but dressed old, so he looked like one of those corporate son's who think they know everything because they get paid more. His black hair was gelled back and the curve of his sharp nose made him seem kind of sleazy; although all thought of his features turned to dust when I looked into his eyes.

They were black.

Everything was black. Like a dark hole, they emitted no light or emotion from them. The only thing you could see in them was power. Power so great the sands of time would stop completely. Power, which I could have.

"Greed," I said aloud.

He gave a little smirk. "What was that?" It was like I was suddenly cast away from a spell that held me put. I could finally blink, although I don't ever remember losing that ability. "What?" I said, but my voice was groggy and slow.

He smiled, but no warmth radiated from it. "Alright. Let's just cut to the chase. What is it that you desire most?"

I was stunned, "What? I don't even know you. Isn't that kind of a personal question?"

He sighed, "Oh yes, introductions. Well, let's see I'm called by so many names. Prince, Master, Lord, The Black One, the Woods-cutter, Fire Bringer, and of course my favorite: Satan."

Now, normally I would've just called this guy a lunatic but again I looked into his eyes to see if he was lying. Bad idea. The Power overcame me.

"What do you want from me?"

"The question is not what I want from you. It's what you want from me." He said just as a lawyer would. "You're the one with the cards in her hand. I always want the same thing, and I'm willing to give anything to get it. So, why would you ask me what I want?" He walked closer to me and bent down to whisper in my ear. "I don't deny anyone, anything."

I shivered. This guy was bad news. I'm not stupid. I've seen the movies and read the books. Nothing good comes from him. "No. I don't want anything from you."

"Oh no! Don't make your decision right now. Think about it."

A card appeared in my hand as he faded into the air.


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