A/N: I'm just doing this story for the heck of it. It's not great, but it's not that horrible, for what I'm going for. Don't think it's a Mary Sue until you read a few chapters. It's not; there's a twist.

Chapter One

A cold gust of wind greeted Alyssa as she opened the door to leave school. A voice called her name and she turned around to see one of her friends. "Merry Christmas!" her friend shouted, waving goodbye. "I'll see you next year." Alyssa smiled and returned the greeting before turning back to the door and stepping outside into the blowing snow.

As Alyssa walked home, she hummed Christmas tunes quietly to herself. Not only was there two full weeks without school, but she was also officially halfway through her senior year. Life was certainly good. She reached her home and stepped inside to be welcomed by her mom with a cup of hot chocolate. "It's freezing out there!" her mom exclaimed. "You should have called me to come and pick you up!"

"Oh, it was fun," said Alyssa. "Well, besides the frostbite and hypothermia. My cell phone was out of batteries," she explained. She gave her mom a quick peck on the cheek before taking the hot chocolate and bounding up the stairs to her bedroom. She reached her room and immediately sat down at her laptop. She had a research paper to write over the break, and she was bound to get it done as soon as possible. She shrugged off the fact that she had never in her life managed to get something done ahead of time and continued to convince herself that this time would be different. Fifteen minutes later found Alyssa chewing bubble gum, playing internet games, and chatting mindlessly to her friends over IM.

Suddenly, a pop-up came onto her screen. She was about to close it when the message caught her eye. "WANTED: CHOSEN PROPHESIED HERO. CLICK LINK TO APPLY." Against her better judgment, she did indeed click the link. A survey came up on her computer. Alyssa smiled, amused by this. She was probably getting loads of viruses on her computer this very second but curiosity got her to start reading through the multiple choice questions and then answering them. She figured it was some kind of personality test due to the questions.

TRUE/FALSE- I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland.

Wondering what that had to do with anything, Alyssa clicked "true" and moved on to the next question.

I am most comfortable with-

A- a sword

B- a quarterstaff

C- a bow

D- a magic wand

Not being comfortable with any of these, Alyssa went with what was always the best "guess letter" for multiple choice questions- C.

The questions got more and more inane as they went on. At several points, Alyssa nearly quit taking the test, but the thought of writing a paper on the effects of Communism on Russia's culture kept her going. She reached the last question of the test.

What is your favorite color?

A- Blue

B- Green

C- Yellow… no, blue!

D- Puce

She briefly wondered what someone was supposed to choose if their favorite color was purple or something else not on the list before choosing "green" and clicking the submit button. Another pop-up appeared thanking her for her submission. As Alyssa sat there wondering when actual results for the test would come up, the screen started swirling. Oh crap, she thought to herself, I knew I'd get a virus from taking that stupid test! She reached for the power button to turn the computer off when she suddenly got the feeling that the computer screen had turned into a vacuum. Before she knew what was happening, she was sucked into the computer. All was black for a few moments before she suddenly hit the ground.