A/N- Chapter Two. Not much to say besides that. I hope there's a least a couple of people who read this.

Chapter Two

Alyssa lay on the ground with her eyes shut for a few moments trying to catch her breath and block out the pain searing through her head. As her pain dulled, she noticed voices discussing something.

"Well, she certainly doesn't look like a hero," one started.

"She's from a different world, moron," the other countered. "She's not going to look like heroes here look."

Both were silent for a moment before the first voice said, "She's been laying there for a long time. Do you think she's okay? You realize the trouble that we're going to be in if we murdered the Chosen One, don't you? I mean, I didn't think that she fell that hard. I would have expected that she would be okay. Can you tell if she's breathing? Oh, gosh, I just hope that-"

Alyssa's eyes shot open as she interrupted him. "I'm fine. Just please, stop that incessant gabbing." She turned to see who she was speaking to. She saw two cloaked men, both carrying what looked like large staffs and both staring at her intently. "Well," said the older one and the one that was the second voice, "what are you waiting for, Garrin? Go help her up!"

The younger man, whose name was obviously Garrin, rushed to her side and helped pull her up. As he did so, he bowed and said, "We have long awaited your coming, Chosen One."

Alyssa stared at him. "Chosen one?" she said, looking confused. "I think you have the wrong girl."

"Oh, we certainly do not." It was the older man who spoke this time. "The legend prophesies about a young girl who will come and save the world from the evil that ensnares it."

Alyssa was confused. This was completely and utterly bizarre. There was no way this could be real. Suddenly, she smiled inwardly. This must be a dream. Well, she thought to herself, I may as well enjoy it. It seems pretty cool so far.

She was nearly running as she tried to keep up with the two old men. They were moving quickly through the forest at a surprising rate for people of their age. As they walked, the older one whose name was Dathan began to tell her of the history of the legend and the prophecy.

"Hundreds of years ago, our world was at peace. Magic was useful but was kept contained. You see, each mage can harness power from only one source- either fire, water, earth, or air. In this way, the world was kept safe from those mages that were power hungry. However, to the dismay of all the forces of good, four mages came together, one from each element. They had somehow discovered how to combine their powers into one terrible force. Using their newfound power, they ravaged the world, spreading desolation and death. They wiped out all of the other mages that they found. Few escaped their clutches. However, those that did formed a resistance. There was not much that they could do. The entire world was under the domain of those four mages. However, the founder of the resistance, and air mage, made a prophecy right before he died. He told of a young girl who would be summoned from another world. Hers would be the magic that would fell the Four Dark Mages, for she would be able to harness the power of all four elements at once. From that time on, the Resistance focused on discovering how to bring this hero to this world to defeat the Dark Mages. We have finally succeeded, for here you are."

Alyssa nodded. Most of this made sense, for a dream anyway. "But if this happened hundreds of years ago, then why are these mages still alive?"

"Alas," Dathan said, "using their combined dark powers, they discovered the secret to indefinite longevity. They will only die if they are killed."

"Okay, but how do you know that I am the Chosen One?" Alyssa asked. "I still think you may have gotten the wrong girl."

Garrin spoke this time. "I suppose we could check. The Chosen One is supposed to come into our world as if she had lived here her whole life, with all of the skills needed to defeat the Dark Mages."

"How convenient," Alyssa muttered. Dathan pulled out a suspiciously large bow from under his cloak and handed it to her. She simply stared at him and spluttered, "That bow… how… under that cloak… it's way too big!"

Garrin simply smiled and shrugged before saying, "Do you see that tree? Hit it with the arrow."

Alyssa nodded. She took careful aim, pulled the bow back, and let it go with a twang. The arrow flopped to the ground at her feet. "Er, oops," she said. "Let me try that again." Pulling the bow back one more time, she let the arrow fly. This time it flew right over the treetops to the far left and landed in a pool of water. If this was a dream, she thought to herself, I could control this. Turning towards the two men she said, "I'm not dreaming, am I?"

The two men shook their heads, both with a worried expression on their face. Dathan produced a sword and handed to Alyssa. As she took hold of it, she promptly dropped it, surprised at the weight. "I think you have the wrong girl," insisted Alyssa. "I knew I was no hero from the moment I landed here!"

"But that can't be!" exclaimed Garrin. "You have to be the prophesied hero! We did research. We read the old tomes! We ran tests, we did experiments!" He went on like that for a few more minutes before saying triumphantly, "And you have the hero's mark!"

She stared at him strangely. "What hero's mark?" she asked.

He pointed to her hand. "The star of the hero!"

Alyssa looked down at the yellow star on her hand. "That's just a temporary tattoo I got from a piece of Bazooka bubble gum…" she said, furiously rubbing her hand until it disappeared. "See?" she showed them her now clean hand. "No mark! I told you I wasn't the hero!" Garrin and Dathan just stared at each other in horror and confusion, unable to believe what they had just heard.