I hear the girl calling out to me
I turn away in vain and fall farther away
I see her hand reaching towards me
Her tears are all I have and I can feel her pain

Haunting me; I cannot fight her hate
I am the one who cries her tears
Killing me; I just cannot escape
I am the one who feels her fears

I am bound by my sins from life
I am torn with this sacrifice
I am pained by her broken face
I am bound to her shattered grave

I hear the girl whispering my name
I feel her in my skin and I'm seeing her dreams
The knives in me cutting me to shame
Her soul digs into me and I'm hearing her screams

Fighting me; I cannot win this one
She is the who feels dismay
Raping me; and I can bleed her blood
She is the one who was betrayed


Here is her hatred it's pulling me in
And I do now regret all of my sins
Here in the darkness she's waiting to feed
I am the prey; it is me who will bleed (repeat)

(Chorus 2x)

I am pained
By her broken face