Monday, October 16, 2006. A scrap of paper fallen onto the floor.

A far-away beauty with eyes of blue
Hath stolen my heart and mind, it is true.
I watch her drop a pen and pick it up
And daintily sip water from a cup.

Her hair is golden as straw in the sun;
For her lips battles could be fought and won.
I'd forego ever having a sweet taste
For the dear privilege of touching her waist.

Now as I write these poor rhymes in my class
I wish this infatuation would pass.
Though metres away, I cannot get near
And the reasons why have never been clear.

Andrea, please accept my devotion.
For thee, I'd travel the deepest ocean.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006. A piece of paper shoved at a boy by an angry-looking jock.

What is this shit you're writing about me?
I should get you beat up and then you'd see,
You think you could get a woman like this?
I bet all your life you've never French-kissed.

You're an ugly loser, I am the queen.
I run all this bullshit, I rule this scene.
You shouldn't even be looking this way,
And you're not jacking off to me, I pray.

One thing you got right, you will not get some.
Hell would freeze before you could touch my bum.
I'll tell you why you can't get no loving:
You're creepy as a witch in her coven.

I better not hear from your ass again,
Or who will beat you? My sexy BOY FRIEND.

A/N: As of June 18, 2008, this has been edited for a few minor changes and the removal of some really dumb author's notes. Enjoy!