Friday, November 11, 2006. Whispered by a boy staring out of his window into the pitch-black night sky.

A far-away beauty with eyes of blue
Hath stolen my heart and mind, it is true...


Monday, November 13, 2006. Recited passionately to a girl in front of her locker at the beginning of lunchtime.

Andrea, you've taught me about so many things,
Like love and life; and for you my heart sings.
You've given me more than I could have dreamed;
On my life today the fortunes have beamed.

I'm so lucky to have encountered you;
You're as sweet as a can of Mountain Dew.
I think you can guess what I'm gonna say;
I want you to go out with me, come what may.

I'll treat you better than your boyfriend does,
And this might be soon, but I think it's love.
My lady, please accept my devotion.
For you, I'd travel the deepest ocean.


Monday, November 13, 2006. Shouted minutes later from the stage of the school's cafetorium, to several hundred astonished students.

Okay, fuckers, put down your sandwiches!
Time to hear something important, which is:
The real things in life, we don't always see.
There's more than looks and popularity.

Intelligence and style are attractive.
Trust me, because I'm currently captive To someone you think is king of the freaks.
He's made me fall for him in four short weeks.

Take a look around you and you might find
Under the surface there's a heart that can bind
Yours to theirs for all of eternity.
Now, Callum S., come up here and kiss me.


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