Give me your love.

I got this woman who doesn't care what I do. Her only concern is that I bring her the truth. She my true strength and the breathe of my life. Cause whenever I feel low she comes to me and say.

Give me your love, give me your love, give me your love. Give me your hands, give me your love. Here my strength, give me your love. Give me your life, give me your love, give me your breathe; now give me your love.

No matter how bad life gets she right there going threw it. She never said baby give up the fight. Cause she always by me side by side. Sometime the struggle is so hard that it get to me. But she right there saying

Give me your love.

She so good to me I had to get on my knees, and ask her to be my wife, please marry me. Without second thought the woman said I do. And from the moment on she been my strength, She been my life, she been my breathe, she been my struggle. Cause she always said. Give me your love.

By Ronald Campbell.