"Happy" New Year

Sorrow filled her tortured soul.
As he goaded her with his stay,
her head filled with mist.
She turned, saw his watchful gaze.

His eyes undressing her every movement,
logic removed from his stare.
She was panicked, pleading with her eyes.
He was ready to pounce.

Her body swayed with his,
her life force no longer cared for.
Free from the awkward existance she knew,
loved for her facade displayed.

No longer did he stare, but touched.
She felt his presence instantly,
his hot breath on the nape of her neck.
He coiled around her like a snake.

Her body flowed into his,
missed, this contact was,
leveled her feet, an unbalanced stance.
He seemed to care, but not for her.

The pleasure he brought with every touch,
balanced with the pain she felt,
he lingered in the shadows,
waiting for her to fall.

The old year faded with numbers,
Five, four, three,
two, one.
She fell.

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