Technology Takeover

An addict I am, an addict I know

I've been tricked to the monitors illumines glow

I twinge at my tapping fingertip power

Palming the mousehead, feet propped on the tower

&Hearts Semicolon, &Hearts Semicolon, &Hearts Semicolon

Shut off the lights and turn up the speakers

With every stroke, my mind will grow weaker

And I thought that I'd have nothing to lose,

My brain has been stamped with the three W's.

&Hearts Semicolon, &Hearts Semicolon, &Hearts Semicolon

For all those who read this and gladly confess

That the internet is what you obsess

Go look out the window, go look outside

At the world so empty, left all alone to die

To our fathers we owe an apology

For this takeover of brainwash technology

And ever since the dawn, since it's made its debut,

You've never had the web-the web has had you.