You approached freshfaced and with calm step
inevitable, it is inexorable
that I wait to meet you and I know
language still appeals to you
and it still entrenches, completely sundrenches me-
you whispered to me of names and nouns
and I lay down and down you came
for war for love for the claiming of all my sunsets

I caught you night-prowling in your ruins
trailing visions like nets through the rubble you made
or I made or we made it doesn't matter now-
trying to look like prey you sullied those wings,
threw some singed feathers about the air
and came towards me as they drifted back to earth
so that they were all around us and looking like
you had just returned from the sun, golden head down
eyes raised so I could see
how they gleamed from sunfire heartforged
how after all you'd seen you still
wanted to know you could catch me

even before the sun

your eyes were always
a pooled reflection of the words you sought
and now sunk at your sides my arms
both plead and tremble for your embrace,
while your soft fingers are searing runes into my skin,
signs of a language fresh forged, still burning bitter orange,
dripping strange scents of blood citrus and iron along my throat.
you are sliding a wake of twisted lettering across my collarbone
and I shiver against the skin sculpting
of secrets written like veins upon my flesh
like bare branches in winter set to the consummation of flames...

so angelwalk yourself to me carrying this love
and we will burn to fine fire together.