sometimes i hop the fence out back of school

just at the edge of the grounds.

skip 4th period and go for a hike

to get away from it all.

all the hustle bustle, all the static in my brain

walk to an empty field of daisies and lay forever

trapped in an endless dream.

watch the clouds like cottonballs pass on by our lives

carefree, confident, not a care in the world.

how i wish to be a cloud...weightless in the sky.

never sleep...never die.

wild rabbits running free, no bars to hold them in

eating flowers, raising children

societies unnoticed.

ill lay still for hours, knee high grass covering my body

like a blanket pulled up to my chin

as a small child scared in bed

keeping toes tucked under tightly

so the monsters can't snatch them away.

feeling the breeze brush my fair innocent skin

tickling each hair upon my body

exciting every nerve.

the ball of warmth above my dreamy clouds

heating my chilling soul.

'society will kill a girl these days ya know'

said to no one special

'bring ya down, slit your throat if given the chance.

all the lies and shit...clogs your mind.

how does one manage?'

i stare back at those fluffy white clouds

begging them to take me with them.

rolling in the clean, clear blue sky...