I had challenged myself to write an emotional story in one page. This is what turned out. Hope you like it.

Forever Love

by Zidane-kun


It hurt.

It hurt so much, I nearly went mad. I couldn't think; my mind was numb. I was terrified of living the rest of my life without him loving me, comforting me… I couldn't live without him. He was my oxygen, my life…

But he was gone.

Gone with another foolish girl, believing that he would be faithful. Gone because he was sick of toying around with me. Gone, because I couldn't satisfy him anymore.

But I won't let him go anywhere but Hell.

I smiled, licking off some of the blood that trickled off my knife. His eyes were open in shock, amazed that I was bold – or foolish – enough to kill him.

Oh, he didn't KNOW me, or he wouldn't dare to betray me. It was all his doing. All I did was to avenge the hearts he'd broken before mine. I was right all along.

And I'll forgive him now.

Smiling sadistically, I plunged the knife into my body.

You won't escape from me, love. We'll be together – forever.