Just Don't Say Good night.

When you come to me in your sexy way, you make my brain think. Makes me wanna say, laid your body down girl and hold me real tight. If you hear any other sound babe it's just my heart, saying I just wanna hold you and hold you again. And I'm never gonna let you go. With hold you with all my might.

Just don't say good night, not tonight girl. Baby cause I'll make it right. Please don't say good night. How long have I waited for you girl. There no other man that can say, all the wonderful things you are hearing here today. Baby please just don't say good night.

I love you baby, I love the way you talk to me. And hey baby you say good thing to me. The way you sent me spinning. And your touch lady, bring my soul alive. I just gotta have your love.

All the other men brought you broken promises. But I'm here to make all promise new. And you don't have to believe me right now. Just watch as our story come alive. And baby you don't have to cry tonight, cause I'm here to make it all right baby with all my might.

So don't you ever cry for me, no baby I'm not going anywhere tonight lady. Put them; put all your hopes in me. Because the world lady tonight belong to you and me. Just don't say good night.

By Ronald Campbell.