Encountering the Darkness

Prologue: What is Safe?

A teenage girl walked down a dimly lit street. A streetlight flickered off right as she walked under it. The wind blew her shoulder length burgundy hair into her face.

"It's just a coincidence Chlo, don't freak out…. we're almost home…lights do that..." she tried to reassure herself.

She saw somebody jogging towards her. It was a guy, not more than 20 years old. When he came within a couple feet of Chloe, he appeared to have twisted his ankle and fell to the ground. Chloe neared him cautiously, and saw that he didn't look threatening. With that being known, she bent down over him to check out his injury.

"Oh it's fine...I'll be fine," he said to her, trying to get up.

"No, no...let me help," Chloe gave him her hand as she helped him up, "My name's Chloe."

"I'm Doyle...aren't you a bit young to be wandering the streets late at night, Chloe?" the way he said her name made Chloe shiver, or maybe it was the autumn wind. She wasn't sure.

"I'm seventeen...and I'm sure you're not that much older than me."

"I'm nineteen."

"Ah, and what? I look younger or something?" the girl was offended.

"No…well...kind of. Younger than me."

"Well, I'm a senior. I'm graduating in nine months."

"That's nice. I'm a college student. I'm graduating in two years," he replied.

The two talked for about twenty minutes in that very spot until Chloe's cell phone rang. She looked down at it.

"I have to go, really."

"No. I mean...no. I've really enjoyed talking to you, and I can't imagine ending the conversation."

"I enjoyed talking to you too, but I really have to go," the teenager said, already walking away.

He grabbed her arm, "Wait…maybe I can give you a ride or something."

"No thanks," she pulled away and started to walk faster. Even if he was some freaky serial killer or something, he twisted his ankle. He couldn't possibly take me down… She thought to herself.

Anger was building up inside of Doyle, and it was obvious. He began walking faster after her, "How about you give me your phone number, or address, or something..."

Maybe it was an act... "No thanks. If you're from the area, I'll see you again."

Chloe began to wonder if she should run. If he was just a curious guy, that would seem rude...but if he really was some creep she wouldn't want to stay there. Almost home...I can see it. If I screamed right now mom would probably hear me...

At that very moment Doyle grabbed her throat from behind. She hadn't even known he was that close to her, but he was. She tried to fight back, but he avoided her each time she tried to elbow him or kick him. If she had been able to see him, it would've been different.

"People...don't..." he punched her twice, and then threw Chloe up against an apartment building, "turn me down."

That was the last thing she remembered as her entire world plunged into darkness...

Author's Note-The last line...well, I guess I can't reallyexplain.Nevermind. Good...Now that that's settled...nobody knows what's gonna happen next unless they read this before I changed it all around...and even then, you're not positive...since the rest will be more different, except for names. More different...is that grammatically correct? Oh well, I'm off the record. I hope you enjoyed, but it's okay if you didn't.