Snow on the top of my nose

Snow, white, half-frozen water

A heavenly creature

A way to tell, to show

Life goes on

You never have to wait

To do what's upon your mind

Wait and slow down

To follow your ambitions

No matter how exigent they are

Wait and slow down

Your mind

It's never good

Always consider

Might catch yourself

A message heaven wants to be delivered

Therefore the wonderful creature

Therefore the beautiful snow

Snow, when it's too hot

It's melting

Exactly the way heaven wanted it to do

To show that snow

The beautiful, white, half-frozen water

Disappears after awhile

So don't wait

Never wait

To do what's upon your mind

'cause if

It might be to late then

It might be to late


So normal

But the same time

So special

Because of its meaning