The deepest winter lie's in me alone.

My heart remains a frozen lake in life.

Frequent snow blizzards rage within my soul,

Masking the hidden fiery depths inside.

The camel never bared such a burden

As the one I continue to carry.

Like the Libra scales I strive for balance.

The two elements of my life contrast

Like the seasons of summer and winter.

I am caught between Aries and Venus,

Aries always forces me to submit.

If love is a battlefield,

My continual role is general.

Ariadne needs to lend me her string.

My first attempt at writing a poem. Feedback would be appreciated. I haven't had time to type the next chapter of my story up but it should be sorted by Friday.

Oh I know it's the wrong kind of bared, but beared is not a word- it should be to bear, but that doesn't fit with the compulsory beat needed for this so I am using poetic license.