She dosn't belive

That anyone's there

That anyone loves her

That anyone cares

So behind glassy eyes

And a painted on smile

She refuses to love

And refuses to cry

She hates all the world

And all of it's lies

When no ones around

She wishes to die

Her only friends

Are the knife in the droor

And the blood raining down

On the stained wooden floor

As all of her paines

Drip drop away

With each scarlet drop

And each bloody taint

The dead call her back

To the world of the damned

As her life force is drained

From the cut near her hand

It's hard to go on when there's

Nothing to go on for

And it's hard to live life when there's

Nothing left to live for

But when she looks back

She'll see people who love her

That she never thought where there

That she never thought should care