Little princess, sing a song
Ruby crown on ruby heart
Ruby melody
Pretty little princess
Sing your sparkling song
Shine like Cinderella slippers in the sun
Mismatch the other one
Dance to the music in your mind
In your soul
The scent of long-past memories
Keep it in
Please don't sing
Dance, but never on the outside
Little voices
Growing, growing
Louder, louder, louder
Laugh along
Oh, god, just laugh along
Pretty daisy made of glass
Flower petals fallen last
Swimming in a sea of
Rose petals
Thorns and notes and shaded royalty
Baby's tears are twice her size
She whispers little cries
Pile your hearts up, set them all ablaze
Stack up all your love and
Let it burn
Open up and let it go
Let it fly
Sketch a path
Railroad tracks
Follow down the line
Etch a train
Ride it out the night
Halloween draped in
Christmastime madness
Reaches up, up, away, and fade
Dream of hope

"Let those in
Dark places