-The Way You Make Me Feel-

My eyes, they're filled with pure evil hate,

I want to explode, but I know I must wait.

My soul, it's restless with the sound of your name,

All of this nonsense, it's for you I'm in shame.

My heart, it's stabbed by an ungrateful sudden pain,

As much as I try, I cannot break loose from this chain.

My ears, they're tired from your yelling and endless shouts,

I must listen to every one of your unemotional doubts.

My mouth, it's been kept shut for so long,

You're right; I shall never be brave or strong.

My skin, it prickles at the sound of your voice,

Looks like I haven't got much of a choice.

It's either me or you, in this world of despise,

And in my golden dreams, one of us dies.